How Can A Philadelphia Work Injury Attorney Make A Difference?

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Any workplace can be riddled with hazardous and dangerous conditions. Construction accidents, chemical exposures, hazardous spills, and heavy equipment failures are all types of workplace incidents that can lead to injuries or death on job sites. When an employer neglects to provide a safe environment for employees and an injury on the job occurs, a workplace accident law firm may help you seek justice.

Philadelphia Work Injury Lawyers will prove to be beneficial for your case as they have in-depth knowledge of the laws. We know the complications and confusion that are entailed with dealing with insurance companies. And above all, we know how to get results. When you put the power of our knowledge and experience on your side, you will get the compensation you deserve.

What Is A Workplace Accident?

Generally, a workplace accident is one that takes place while you are working. Typically, accidents that occur while commuting to and from work do not count as work-related accidents.

However, if you drove for a living or were driving as part of your job (for example, making a delivery at the request of your employer), then you may be eligible for Workers Compensation benefits if you were injured. The general rule is that if you were injured while working, you meet the workplace injury definition. Injuries that prevent you from working can be challenging and these challenges may extend to your family.

Work Injury Lawyer Philadelphia

Worries about mounting medical bills and loss of income can paralyze a person and their family. If this is happening to you, a loved one, or a close friend; then you should contact an attorney who can help. At The Law Offices of Greg Prosmushkin, P.C., our workplace injury lawyers will assist you with every step of your claim. Contact us online by filling out our form or call us at  215-673-7733

Common Types Of Workplace Injuries

Basically any injury that You sustain while at work can be a workplace injury. Commonly cited examples of workplace injuries inlcude:

Fatal Work-Related Injuries: Shocking Numbers

In 2020, the number of fatal work injuries recorded was 4,764 in the United States. In 2019, the number of fatalities was 5,333. While any reduction in fatalities is a positive, this dip of 10% in 2020 could be attributable to COVID-19. 

For full-time equivalent workers, the fatalities reported were 3.4 fatalities per 100,000 in 2020 and 3.5 fatalities per 100,000 in 2019. In the private industry, the number of workplace injuries reported was approximately 2.7 million

Each of these fatalities is a tragedy, and it is hard to accept that some could have been prevented. Regardless, statistics tell us that a significant percentage of these fatalities involved mechanical and equipment failures. In such cases, a work injury lawyer may be able to seek damages from the manufacturer.

What Compensation Am I Entitled To After A Workplace Injury?

If you have sustained an injury while working, you may be liable to receive compensation for the damages you suffered. The risk of injuries is higher in places where the employees are working with heavy pieces of machinery. If any employee suffers an injury, the organization may be liable to compensate the injured employee. 

There are certain safety measures that various employers have to follow. These can include regulatory and industry standards and rules. If the company fails to comply with those safety measures, this may be evidence used in seeking workplace injury compensation. You can speak to work accident lawyers in Philadelphia to assist you with the procedure and help you with the claim.

You Can Get Compensation For The Following Damages In The Workplace Injury Claim:

  • Compensation for medical and hospital bills
  • Compensation for lost wages and reduced earning capacity
  • Compensation for destruction of personal property such as a vehicle or glasses

It is the company’s duty to ensure that the workplace is safe and secure. If you experience any injury at your workplace, you can speak to our Work injury lawyers in Philadelphia. Our Philadelphia Personal Injury lawyers will help you at each step of the process. They will also assist you in proving that the employer was negligent.

Negligent Situations In The Workplace

Here are some of the negligent situations everyday in the workplace: 

  1. Negligent Hiring: When management is hiring, they need to check whether they have the right training, skills, and experience. If they hire the wrong talent, it will affect company safety overall as that new hire won’t perform the job appropriately. In these situations, the employer may be liable for negligent hiring.
  2. Negligent retention: Negligent retention is when an unsafe situation is created because of an unsafe coworker. If the employer has hired someone who isn’t trained to do the task, it is their duty to correct them or provide them proper training. If they fail to do so, they are responsible for retaining the poorly trained person.
  3. Negligent Supervision: When the employer or the management isn’t supervising the work, which leads to injuries and these situations. It is the duty of the employer to supervise and ensure that the work is done correctly. If they are not supervising properly, the employer can be held responsible. You can reach out to Philadelphia work injury Attorneys to file a lawsuit against them and sue them.
  4. Negligent training: Improper training of employees can lead to severe accidents and injuries. Employers need to ensure that all the employees of their organizations are adequately trained. This will help prevent injuries. However, in case of negligence, you can always file a personal injury lawsuit against the employer.

How Can A Philadelphia Work Injury Lawyer Help You?

Getting injured at your workplace can be a devastating experience. Most of these work-accidents occur when the organizations and their management fail to provide an appropriate and safe environment for their employees. The right work injury lawyer carries relevant knowledge and experience and can help you get the compensation you deserve. 

It is likely that you, as a layperson, won’t be aware of all the intricacies of your legal case. It is difficult for any person to understand all the workplace injury-related laws.

Our law firm attorneys are well-equipped with different techniques and strategies to help you get the compensation you deserve. Fight for your rights with the help of an experienced Philadelphia work injury lawyer and get what you deserve.

What If My Workplace Injury Was Caused Due To My Fault?

If you are wondering if you’ll get compensated only when the employer was at-fault, you are not alone. You may even be able to get compensation when you’re partially at fault or to blame. However, each situation is different so talk to an attorney today.

Every state follows a different set of laws related to accidents, so where you live may impact your case.  Pennsylvania law recognizes the doctrine of comparative negligence. Essentially, this doctrine says that when an injured party is partly at fault for his or her injury then his or her damage award may be reduced by his or her percentage of fault. For example, if a jury finds that your total damages are $20,000 and that you are also 50% at fault, then your damage award could potentially be decreased by $10,000 or 50%.

What If I Was Injured While At Work, By Someone not related to my Job?

Whether your injury will be considered a workplace injury will be a determination of whether the accident occured during your scope of employment. This could be in the office, driving to an official work function, travelling for business, or at a training. If there is any question as to whether your injury was obtained during the course of your employment, the insurance company will inevitably raise it. 

In the above example, you would need to contact an attorney. At The Law Offices of Greg Prosmushkin, P.C., our work injury attorney, and staff will help coordinate the work carrier’s payment of wages and medical bills, and we will bring a claim against the at-fault employer. 

If another while injured you at work or while working, contact our office for a Free Consultation. We can help!