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Philadelphia Robbery LawyerWhen you have been accused of any crime, finding a skilled and aggressive defense lawyer is crucial. The stakes are high in the event you are charged with robbery; so don’t let the police try to encourage you to cooperate with them until you had the chance to explain your situation with your Philadelphia Criminal Defense lawyer. The prosecution develops robbery cases quickly. Having an experienced Criminal Defense Lawyer who is familiar with the prosecution’s tactics and can successfully navigate you throughout the process of the case is critical to your freedom. We provide our clients with finest legal representation, thus allowing them to achieve the best possible outcomes, as determined by their interests.

Have you been charged with the crime of robbery? Robbery is a serious felony charge, which can result in substantial prison time for those convicted of it. However, like any criminal case, the burden lies on the prosecution to make their case.

The Law Offices of Greg Prosmushkin, P.C. will force them to argue their case, and question the prosecution at every turn. We can help you to mount a strong Criminal Defense and keep you out of prison.

What Is Robbery?

Robbery is defined as the taking of another person’s property by force – no matter how slight. However, the amount of force is the principal factor in determining the degree of the felonious crime. For instance, snatching a woman’s purse without any further physical menace would be a third degree felony, while taking someone’s property from them at gun point – under the threat of imminent death – is a first degree felony.

Additionally, no actual harm must befall the victim. The mere threat of it is sufficient to qualify as robbery. Therefore, it is possible that a person could suffer some form of injury in the commission of a robbery while the accused is charged with a lesser felony than one who merely threatened significant injury.


A robbery of the third degree involves the simple use of force, without injury, in the commission of the crime.

A robbery of the second degree involves the use of force, causing a non-significant injury, in the commission of the crime.

A robbery of the first degree involves either causing or threatening serious injury in the commission of the crime.

What Is the Difference Between Robbery and Other Theft Crimes?

As explained above, robbery rests primarily on the application of force in the commission of the crime. Burglary, on the other hand, involves entering a building unlawfully with the intent to commit any crime. Although commonly tied to Theft, neither theft or intent to thieve is not necessary for a burglary conviction.

So where robbery involves force against another person, burglary hinges upon unlawfully entering a building. Simple theft, on the other hand, involves no such factors. Instead, it is simply the action of taking another person’s property with the intent to convert it to one’s own use/ownership.

While all theft crimes involve the unlawful taking of another’s property, the above illustrates the essential elements in differentiating among them. Your lawyer may be able to mount a defense simply on an inappropriate charge. The difference in penalties between robbery and theft is significant, so being charged with the more serious crime of robbery is something which your lawyer must aggressively contest.

Why Do I Need a Robbery Defense Attorney?

A robbery is a felony. If convicted, you face years of imprisonment and a criminal record that will impact your life long after your release. Your entire future is, quite literally, at stake. The criminal defense attorneys at The Law Offices of Greg Prosmushkin, P.C. can assist in defending you against these serious charges.

As it is rare for a person to be arrested for robbery in the course of the commission of the crime, it is usually the case that the majority of evidence hinges on witness testimony. Therefore, our attorneys will focus on securing any favorable witnesses possible, and discrediting the testimony of any potentially damaging witnesses. We are ready to fight for you. Call today to Schedule an Entirely Free Consultation with one of our Criminal Defense Attorneys.