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Business law, or commercial law, dictates the rules that regulate how trade relations occur within a given jurisdiction, whether that is a state or a country. Any issues that concern business-related matters will fall under business law. Failing to comply with business law standards, including those relating to moral conduct,can lead to expensive court proceedings that can destroy one’s reputation and business.

How a Reputable Business Lawyer Can Help You

If you are a business owner or are looking to start a business from the ground up, it can be beneficial to hire a business law firm in Philadelphia that can help ensure all aspects of your company comply with the required laws. When choosing a lawyer, look for someone who has significant experience assisting businesses within your particular industry and has demonstrated marked success with similarly situated clients. You will want a lawyer who can evaluate all of the seemingly minor details of your business and understand how they relate to the enterprise as a whole.

Business lawyers often focus on specific areas, including mergers and acquisitions, business litigation, real estate transactions, and employment matters.

Mergers and Acquisitions

business law firm in Philadelphia Mergers and acquisitions are transactions that allow a company to grow, either by combining with another company or acquiring one entity to fully integrate it into another. These types of transactions require strategic management that determines a company’s growth, as well as its market position within a competitive business landscape.A merger is a legal consolidation of two or more subjects of interest into one. Similarly, an acquisition is a transaction that involves one company acquiring another company’s stock, equity, and interests. Both of these types of transactions can play a significant role in expanding a business’s reach.Our firm regularly consults with clients and provides guidance with respect to transactions relating to mergers and acquisitions. Because of their complexity, deals involving mergers and acquisitions are often rife with complications that arise during the process. Mitigating these issues requires experienced legal professionals who can skill fully advise on how to structure these transactions.

In mergers and acquisitions, some of the most common legal issues that can arise have to do with:

  • Real estate, including buying, selling, or leasing property to accommodate a new or growing entity, as well as handle real estate that the combined entity no longer needs.A business lawyer can serve asa trusted adviser and assist a company with these transactions.
  • Tax implications, because there are strict rules associated with business taxation, and business owners and executives can face severe consequences these laws are not followed to the letter. A business law firm can help a business ensure it files and pays taxes properly, even as a combined entity.
  • Employment. When two companies combine or one acquires another, there are often many shifts with regard to employees’ and executives’ roles within the company, including layoffs and hiring sprees. A business lawyer can help make sure that the company follows all relevant employment laws relating to how it manages its human resources.

Business Litigation

Every business, big or small, can be subject to litigation resulting from commercial disputes or other issues. Even the most careful company can be vulnerable to conflicts, potentially with vendors, customers, competitors, or even employees. An experienced business lawyer Philadelphia trusts can advise in the event of partner disputes, shareholder-related problems, accusations from customers or vendors, or contract breaches.

Real Estate

Managing real estate may seem simple, but buying, selling or leasing property requires legal process. For example, you will need to verify that any property you purchase or lease has the right zoning for the type of business you wish to conduct. A Philadelphia business law attorney can help you navigate the legalities involved in real estate transactions. You shall face no litigation after confirming your deal or contracting it.


Many legal issues that businesses face arise in the context of employment. An experienced business lawyer can help you solve issues relating too ffice policies, compensation, and employee conduct before they get out of hand. The lawyers associated with the Law Offices of Greg Prosmushkin, P.C., can help you manage any employment-related legal problem or question that you face in your business.

What We Can Do for You

As business lawyers, we can serve both as legal counsel and in an advisory capacity to help clients manage their legal and business challenges. No business concern is too big or too small for us. We are here to satisfy your needs, and we can tailor our services to your unique business. Your business is not“one size fits all”, so neither is the approach we take to client representation. Our lawyers understand that your business is unique.

We offer comprehensive legal services in a number of areas, including:

  • Acquisitions
  • Commercial contracts and transactions
  • Business organization
  • Business “divorce”
  • Finance and lending
  • Equity and debt
  • Joint ventures
  • Non profit organizations
  • Pre-litigation and litigation
  • Employment matters
  • Real estate
  • Start-up matters
  • Strategic planning


The majority of a business’s legal needs will relate to transactions. This may include the legal evaluation of a proposed contract or the creation of customized documents to complete a transaction. It could also include having to take legal against a party that fails to meet their contractual obligations within the scope of a transaction. Or maybe you are selling or buying a business. You would be best served by retaining an attorney for any of these transactional matters to improve your likelihood of success.


We understand that, in all likelihood, “litigation “is not a word you want associated with your business. Litigation is both costly and time-consuming, and it means that either your business made a mistake or another party has legally wronged you. That said, if your business must face litigation, it is critical that you retain counsel. You should hire a legal team that is prepared to fight on your behalf, either to recover appropriately or limit your liability. Let us protect your rights and your business. We are a business lawyer Philadelphia relies on and we will do everything in our power to keep your business safe.

Why You Should Consider Our Services When You Are Researching Reputable Business Law Firms in Philadelphia

Philadelphia Business LawyerAt the Law Offices of Greg Prosmushkin, P.C., we recognize that there are many different business models,and each has vastly different legal needs. With offices in both Philadelphia and Trenton, our business attorneys are prepared and excited to serve businesses — both large and small — throughout the region.The Law Offices of Greg Prosmushkin, P.C., is a Philadelphia-based law firm with offices in Philadelphia and Trenton. Our highly skilled business attorney Philadelphia trusts can provide legal services and litigation to businesses in the region. Our legal team has a strong understanding of even the most complicated business situations and can represent you and your company with dignity and respect.

We will guide you throughout the process of consultation, inquiry, interrogation, and representation. The business lawyer Philadelphia trusts uses a comprehensive approach to managing clients’ most sensitive business issues.We employ a collaborative effort across our entire legal team to simplify your journey to legal justice, regardless of the legal issue at hand. We have attorneys who focus on many fields within the scope of business law and who work tirelessly to earn clients’ trust.


The Law Offices of Greg Prosmushkin, P.C., are conveniently located in Philadelphia and Trenton to serve Philadelphia and the surrounding region in any legal needs that arise. Schedule a free consultation today with one of our business attorneys by calling (215)-799-9990 (Philadelphia) or (609)-656-0909 (Trenton).