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Many people have old tickets that they forgot about long ago, didn’t take care of in a timely manner, or never even were aware of. Though they may not seem on the face of it to be a big deal, these old tickets can significantly harm your ability to receive a license or continue to drive, or even cause you to be arrested, should the police stop you and find an active warrant.

Pennsylvania and New Jersey have begun computerizing old Traffic Tickets. In many cases, a citation that you received years ago will now start appearing on your license. The result of this can be a license cancellation – or worse.

Philadelphia Scofflaw Warrants LawyerYou have certain obligations to fulfill in the event that you receive a traffic ticket, and when you resolve one. Obligations at the time of your infraction such as making sure you attend your court appearance. After your case is resolved certain requirements must be executed including paying your fine on time and performing any required community service.

Unfortunately, life sometimes becomes to busy and hectic that people fail to meet such required obligations. Although our schedules can be extremely overwhelming, the eyes of the law does not take this into account and as failure to oblige, will issue a warrant for their arrest, administer a License Suspension or other additional penalties.

A significant amount of people have been recently affected by the computerization of old records. In one recent case, a person attempted to transfer their license to Pennsylvania. Unfortunately, they had an old unpaid citation from a third state that blocked their ability to get a Pennsylvania license.

Most states belong to the Driver’s License Compact, which means that they freely share information with each other. If you have an out of state citation which you never paid, your state will likely find out about it. If the Out of State Ticket puts a hold on licenses in that state, then under the Driver’s License Compact, they will also put a hold on your home state’s license.

Even if you do not plan on transferring your license, having old traffic warrants can cause you serious headaches. For example, many litigants in Philadelphia come to pay a traffic citation and find themselves owing thousands in traffic fines.

As Traffic Tickets get older, fines compound and your $200 turns into a $500 ticket. The longer those fines pile up, the more you’ll end up paying. Therefore, it is very important to take care of these fines and costs as soon as possible. Remember, it is not necessary to pay all of your traffic fines off immediately. There are solutions available for you.

If you have tickets poling up, or old tickets that haven’t been taken care of, the attorneys at The Law Offices of Greg Prosmushkin, P.C. can help you reduce your fines, and to remove any license holds you may have as a result of these old citations. Do not wait for an official to show up with a warrant for your arrest for unpaid citations. We can represent you in court. Call us today at (215)-799-9990 to Schedule a Free Consultation.