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Philadelphia Driving Without Insurance LawyerNo one wants to find themselves in the situation where you open a letter from your insurance company that states that they have not received your last payment, and consequently just canceled your liability insurance policy. Preoccupied by the thoughts of other daily stresses of life, you don’t pay attention to the road while you’re driving, and run through a red light.

Unfortunately, as your luck would have it, a cop notices your traffic infraction and pulls you over. When he asks for proof of insurance, it dawns on you that you forgot to renew your policy. The officer in this situation will, in turn, cite you for maintaining liability insurance for your vehicle, a very strict offense in the state of Pennsylvania.

Driving without Motor Vehicle Insurance can lead to a number of serious problems for a driver. The most obvious potential problem is that, if you are in an Auto Accident, you have no mechanism set up to pay for the damages. You may, therefore, be exposing yourself to significant financial hardship. It is a requirement in the state of Pennsylvania that you have the ability to cover such damages – statute refers to this as “required financial responsibility.” The ancillary problem you will be exposing yourself to is the legal consequence in terms of being ticketed for driving without insurance.

If you have been Ticketed for Driving without Insurance, you need to contact an attorney immediately. The financial and practical costs of being found guilty may cause you significant problems which you can ill afford to suffer. The Law Offices of Greg Prosmushkin, P.C. can help you to resolve this situation with the most favorable results possible.

Consequences of Driving without Insurance

Driving without insurance can result in points on your license, fines, and a Suspension. Your driver’s license can be suspended for 3 months, as well as the registration for your vehicle for the same period of time. With $300 fines in addition to court costs and increased insurance premiums, if found guilty you have a financial stake beyond any consequences of being disallowed to drive for a period of months.

So, while you may not be thrilled with the notion of paying for insurance, you should be at least equally unenthused at the prospect of paying fines and losing the right to drive your vehicle as a result. You must meet the required financial responsibility.

After being found guilty and being penalized by the court, you will need to meet certain requirements to have your license restored including, of course, another fee. So now, in an attempt to avoid paying insurance premiums, you will have paid numerous fees, been without the use of your vehicle for months, and be required still to provide the state with the proof of required financial responsibility, after all.

Why Do I Need a Lawyer?

If you had no coverage, it is in your best interest to retain counsel to negotiate a plea on your behalf and attempt to preserve your license and registration. On the other hand, if you did have coverage and there was some sort of technical error, it will be equally valuable to retain counsel so that you have the appropriate legal assistance in resolving this matter.

Obviously, a number of factors, including priors, other tickets awarded, whether there was an accident, etc. will influence how your case is resolved, but this is just yet another reason for needing legal counsel in order to achieve the best possible results. So, call The Law Offices of Greg Prosmushkin, P.C. to schedule a free consultation with one of our Traffic Attorneys. We will fight for you.