DUI Impact on Car Insurance in Pennsylvania

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The dangers and severities of driving drunk or impaired have become ubiquitous. Nonetheless, individuals continue to drive impaired, and if you are lucky to survive the ordeal of one conviction by authorities, you will need insurance again to drive. In the event that you have been convicted of a DUI, the legal and financial headaches are both severe and lengthy. Not only are you facing severe penalties criminally, but in the eyes of insurance companies, you pose as a great risk that requires greater premiums. If you have any questions or concerns regarding your legal obligations in Pennsylvania post-DUI, please call our office today.

A DUI on your record will without doubt have a negative impact on your ability to secure Motor Vehicle Insurance. For one, you are considered a greater liability than the average policyholder, and as such the insurance companies will charge you more for coverage as they expect you are likely to cost them more money to insure. Additionally, in some states, you are required to secure more substantial liability coverage in order to have your license reinstated post-DUI. Both of these conditions will cause your insurance rates to increase substantially.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your legal obligations in Pennsylvania post-DUI, call The Law Offices of Greg Prosmushkin, P.C. to speak with one of our DUI associates.

Liability Coverage

Though not required in Pennsylvania, greater liability coverage via S22 insurance coverage is required if you move to Pennsylvania from a state that did require it Post-DUI/DWI. As such, any person who is now a Pennsylvania resident and has been convicted of a DUI in the past three years while a resident of another state where this insurance was required will be required to maintain it even after moving to Pennsylvania. This is a special type of three-year DUI Insurance Coverage designed to meet the higher liability requirements as established by the state legislature.

This coverage will provide for greater bodily injury liability limits and higher property damage coverage. The purpose behind this type of coverage is that an individual who has a DUI conviction is likely to be a greater threat to themselves, others, and property than the average driver is. A DUI-related “high risk” policy holder within Pennsylvania will be required to maintain coverage of at least:

  • Bodily injury liability / each individual: $100,000
  • Bodily injury liability / each accident: $300,000
  • Property damage: $50,000

Between the DUI on your record and the greater liability coverage, it is likely that your insurance costs will increase drastically. Even if you are not required to secure the greater coverage, the DUI alone will result in your being considered “high risk” and correspondingly more expensive insurance costs. The bottom line is that there is an absolute correlation between DUI Conviction and significant insurance premium increases. Be sure that you are in compliance with Pennsylvania law regarding insurance, so that you can avoid further complications.

This content was written on behalf of Greg Prosmushkin.