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The J-visa is popular among college-aged students aiming to temporarily study abroad. This visa is often called the “student exchange” visa because it is so frequently sought by students seeking to study for one year or less at an American university.

The first step towards eligibility for the J-visa is admission to a qualifying American university or college. The school will issue a Certificate of Eligibility for the Exchange Visitors on admission. That is the school’s indication that you are a student properly admitted to that school and that you are ready to enroll.

Once this certificate is issued to you, we are prepared to apply for the J-visa with the Department of State. Our Attorneys can represent you throughout the visa application process and ensure that you are aware of all criteria required, such as sufficient funds, fluency in English, and medical insurance.

Once the certification is issued, and the visa Application is complete, you will be scheduled to appear at an American consulate in your country for the visa interview. Upon a successful interview, you will be issued a J-visa that you can use to travel to the United States and embark on your exciting educational experience here. We prepare all our clients for the interview.

The J-visa is multifaceted. It can not only be used by exchange students but also by au pairs, trainees, interns, graduate students, some diplomats, and even individuals engaged in certain temporary occupations. For example, if you are a foreign youth seeking to be placed with a host family to take care of their child, the J-visa may be appropriate for you as well.

There is a limit on the hours you may work and on the period you may stay. You should remember that the receipt and use of a J-visa can have certain unintended consequences of which you should be aware. For example, some J-visa recipients may have foreign residency requirements that must be fulfilled after their stay in the United States before returning to this country.

The time you can stay in the United States depends on your J-1 visa. Generally, J-1 status lasts for the extent of the exchange program in the United States. Other programs vary in length. For example, an intern can stay for a year, while a post-secondary student who requires training upon completing their program can stay for 18 months or longer.

Each case is different, and we are prepared to advise you regarding your situation. Note that the J-visa is not appropriate for students looking to study for a full college term in the United States and plan to seek employment after graduation (those students should seek the F visa). Reach out to a Philadelphia Immigration Lawyer at our office, and we will happily walk you through the process.

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