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If you have been charged with any crime, it is in your best interest to seek out legal counsel right away. All criminal charges, even those which seem relatively harmless to you, must be afforded appropriate attention. That is why The Law Offices of Greg Prosmushkin, P.C. provide all our clients and potential clients with 100% free initial consultations.
We recognize that it can be unsettling to engage with an attorney without first having a full understanding of what you are being charged with, and of what penalties you may be facing.

So please, pick up the phone and call The Law Offices of Greg Prosmushkin, P.C. today to schedule a free consultation to discuss how our experienced Criminal Lawyer Philadelphia can help you.

We are a full service law firm, and as such can and will defend you against any Criminal Offense, including:


Some crimes involve damage to or dispossession of what others own. Crimes such as Retail Theft, Receipt of Stolen Property, Burglary and Writing Bad Checks are all considered crimes against property.

Philadelphia Criminal LawyerIn defending you against Retail Theft Charges, our Criminal Lawyer Philadelphia we will attempt to discredit any evidence used against our client. Additionally, we will challenge the element of probable cause if you were detained by the merchant, bringing into question the validity of the confinement and thereby the subsequent arrest. Receipt of Stolen Property, Writing Bad Checks, and Burglary are all crimes which hinge on knowledge or intent. Therefore, we will challenge the notions that our client was aware the property was stolen, or that the check they wrote would be invalid. Likewise, we will force the prosecution to prove that our client had the requisite intent to commit a crime to be charged with Burglary. Our Philadelphia Criminal Defense Attorneys always aggressively defend our client’s rights, and never relent in forcing the prosecution to make their case.

Vandalism is another property related crime, though it doesn’t involve the taking or misuse of property, but rather the intentional destruction or defacing of the property. Here too, we will work to discredit any evidence offered against our client, and force the prosecution to make their case.


If you have been charged with Drug Possession, Intent to Distribute and deliver drugs, or any other drug crimes, we will fight for your rights.  In most cases, the best way to do this is to contest the validity of the search and seizure and the arrest itself.  The best chance you have at overcoming drug related charges frequently lies in these defenses. If these facets of the process are found to be delinquent in any way, it may be possible to have the charges dropped.


Driving Under the Influence of alcohol or narcotics is a criminal offense in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Defendants may be found guilty either based on field sobriety testing results or in-station breath testing. As a result, we will review police reports, video, equipment readings, and witness accounts, and will utilize expert witnesses to contest police findings, and the charges.

Other alcohol related crimes, such as Public Intoxication, can be similarly contested. However, as in-station breath testing is not typical in these arrests, only field conclusions serve as evidence. Therefore, we will aggressively contest the officer’s account, and utilize any video or witnesses at our disposal in your defense.


While some crimes are against property, others such as Assault, Aggravated Assault, Aggravated Assault by a Vehicle, Sex Crimes, etc. are crimes against the physical person of another. These crimes all involve causing physical harm to another person.

The different types of Assault Crimes may all be contested by discrediting and demonstrating our client’s actions to be either legal or unintentional whenever possible. Sex crimes refer to a wide range of conduct. The experienced Philadelphia Criminal Defense Attorney will demonstrate that the conduct was either consensual when lack of consent is at issue, or that our client did not engage in accused deviant conduct when applicable.


Criminal Defense Lawyer Northeast PhiladelphiaThough often not specifically involving criminal action themselves, we will help our clients defend against Probation Violations and Parole Violations. These both relate to the conduct of individuals – whether on probation in lieu of incarceration or on parole as early release from incarceration. These charges are brought when it is believed that the individual violated the terms of their probation or parole, and are facing more serious consequences as a result. We will defend our clients by either explaining the reason for the violation or proving that no such violation did, in fact, occur.

We also help our clients to receive expungements whenever possible. Expungements are an important means by which you can clear your record of certain crimes and arrests. These are typically of importance to our clients who are seeking employment and require clean background checks to secure a job. We will help our clients with the process, and get them on the right side of the law as quickly as possible.

Key Roles and Responsibilities of Criminal Lawyers in Philadelphia

It is always good to know the roles and responsibilities of Criminal Lawyers in Philadelphia PA, before hiring any lawyer to handle your case. Having a defense attorney Philadelphia is still beneficial because they help in avoiding criminal charges and further inconveniences. Let’s take a glance at the crucial responsibilities of every criminal lawyer;

  • Complete Access To Your Case- Every experienced defense attorney will begin with accessing your case. They will consider every aspect of the case to focus on all the essential details. This will happen even if the defendant is responsible for the case. Our lawyers are known to handle every lawsuit smartly and follow a strategic approach to access the case.
  • Gathering crucial information in favor of the case- Proving your innocence is essential for winning the case. And this can be done by gathering all the essential information about the case. Attorneys have in-depth knowledge of the law, and so, they can take efficient steps like visiting the crime scene, contacting eyewitnesses, etc. Our legal team takes extensive steps to collect evidence and protect them from representing them in front of the court.
  • Keep you updated about the case- A reputed criminal defense lawyer will always keep you updated about every progress related to the case. So, having an attorney by your side can keep you away from all the hassles. Our legal team is very knowledgeable and can protect the client’s interest very well.
  • Very deep case analysis- A thorough case analysis helps in making a strong strategy to win the case. By analyzing every aspect of the case, lawyers can easily find the prosecution’s case’s loopholes.
  • Handling Complex Situations wisely- There are times when a criminal case becomes complicated, and you may think that you are losing the case. In such a complex situation, an experienced lawyer can take appropriate steps without panicking.

If you expect to get a fair judgment for your criminal case, discuss your case with our lawyers. We understand that any criminal charge can let you face a lot of troubles. It can ruin your personal, social, and professional life.

To avoid any trouble due to criminal cases, you must hire a criminal lawyer who has handled sufficient criminal cases in the past. We can help in dismissing the charges and decreasing the penalties to a great extent.


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