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Immigration fraud takes many forms, and it can be committed by foreign nationals and by non-attorneys advertising immigration services alike. Immigration fraud committed by foreign nationals ranges from using false documents to enter the United States to enter into a marriage for the purpose of obtaining a green card. In all cases, foreign nationals who misrepresent facts for the purpose of obtaining immigration benefits are likely to face serious consequences.

Marriage Fraud

Marriage fraud refers to a situation in which a citizen or legal permanent resident marries a foreign national for the purpose of securing an immigration benefit. In other words, this is where United States citizens and foreign nationals enter into fake marriages for the sake of green cards.

The consequences of making misrepresentations or entering into a fake marriage include imprisonment for up to five years, or a fine of up to $250,000.00, or both. Additionally, if you are found to have made a misrepresentation on an application for a benefit, or committed fraud, you will be barred from seeking any immigration benefit forever.

If you have been accused of immigration fraud, you should reach out to our office immediately. It is vitat that you sit down with one of our Philadelphia Immigration Lawyers for a free, confidential consultation. Effective, aggressive representation in this matter is crucial.

Visa Fraud

Philadelphia Immigration Fraud Defense LawyerOur government presumes that all persons seeking to enter the United States have the intention to stay here. The burden is on foreign nationals who wish to visit the United States to demonstrate that they intend to return to their home countries. The State Department looks for ties to the foreign national’s home country to approve applications for visitor visas.

Our government is skeptical of any visitors who arrive in the United States and seek green cards shortly thereafter. It is illegal for a person to represent that they wish to visit, when in fact they intend to remain in the United States. If you plan to visit the United States, call our office for a free consultation. We may be able to help you apply for your visitor visa.


There are individuals and organizations who seek to prey on the vulnerable immigrant community by falsely promising immigration benefits. They may promise you a green card, or pretend that you qualify under new immigration laws for benefits for which you do not qualify.

You should always seek immigration advice from a licensed attorney. Non-attorneys who provide immigration advice may be engaging in the unauthorized practice of law, which is illegal. You can easily check whether a lawyer is licensed to practice law by inquiring with the state bar association. You can also check online here for lawyers in Pennsylvania (

If you have been accused of committing immigration fraud, the Philadelphia Immigration Attorneys at our office may be able to help. We have helped our clients navigate the immigration system for years, and we are prepared to help you too. Schedule Your Free Consultation today. If you have been accused of committing immigration fraud, the immigration lawyers at our office may be able to help. We have helped our clients navigate the immigration system for years, and we are prepared to assist you as well. Schedule your free consultation today by contacting our Philadelphia Immigration Attorneys online, or calling 215-673-7733 in Philadelphia or 609-656-0909 in New Jersey.

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