Train Accident In Philadelphia

Statistics have demonstrated that train collisions or derailments frequently occur in the United States. Train Accidents are often deadly due to the relative speed of trains and the nature of the accident.

Human error is the greatest contributing factor to these types of incidents. This can be anything from distracted train operators to a lack proper training.

The second leading cause of these incidents is track defects. Train accidents occur while the locomotive is in motion, resulting in catastrophic and fatal accidents. Railroad accidents can also occur in rail yards while maintenance is performed on the trains.

When we board a train to go to New York, down south, or anywhere else across the continental US, we never really consider the possibility that something could go wrong on the train or that this might result in someone getting seriously injured or, worse, dying. Those who refuse to fly on a plane often use trains as their supposedly safer alternative. But the truth is, it is safer to fly.

Nationally, in 2016 there were 265 deaths and 768 injuries from train-related accidents. Train Accidents have a variety of causes:

  • Something goes wrong with the train’s operation, either mechanically or due to operator error
  • There is an issue at the control center
  • There is a defect in the train
  • The railroad crossing is not protected, so the train collides with another vehicle, not necessarily a train.
  • There is a problem with the tracks on which the train is running.

While primarily safe, trains have a higher incidence of injury and death than planes. Of course, when a plane crashes, most of the passengers die. However, the incidence of plane crashes is significantly lower than that of Railroad Accidents. Recently, in the northeast (Washington DC to Maine), we have seen several train accidents involving large groups of injuries, with some death. Those matters are still pending to this day.

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In addition to Train Accidents, several accidents occur with people trespassing on railroad property. In 2016 there were 65 trespassing accidents in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Of the 65, 26 deaths and 19 injuries were noted in Pennsylvania alone. In New Jersey, there were 20.

The status of a person on land determines the duty that the landowner owes them. For example, a person going to board a train is an invitee on the railroad property. At the same time, a group of teens sneaking after-hours onto the tracks at a crossing would be trespassers and, therefore, not owed the same high duty for safety as the person boarding a train.

Nonetheless, if you were injured on railroad property, either by a crash while on a train, a fall from the poor operation of the train, or even a fall from sneaking onto railroad property, you should retain an attorney to protect your rights, at The Law Offices of Greg Prosmushkin, P.C., our attorneys, and staff can assist you in collecting the compensation which you deserve. Call or Email Us Today For a Free Consultation.