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Greg Prosmushkin
May 10, 2019

Many Cherry Hill residents did not know what to believe when they recently awoke to a cell phone alert at 3:30 that warned them of the possibility of tornados in the area. Some residents ignored it and went back to sleep, while others paid attention to the warning and sought shelter in their basements.

It has been reported that even though no tornados touched down in the Cherry Hill area, there was significant damage to people’s homes, vehicles, and other personal property caused by the severe storms. Experienced injury lawyers in Cherry Hill know that after the damage caused by these storms, engineers, architects, contractors, designers, and other building professionals will be in high demand.

Storm Damage

Early morning storms caused flooding, hail damage, wind damage, and lightning strikes around the Cherry Hill area. After the storm, residents discovered uprooted trees, severely damaged homes and buildings, utility poles knocked down damaged, airplanes and automobiles, and other property destroyed by the storms.

Some buildings and homes were so severely impacted that they were inhabitable and unusable until significant construction and repairs were made.

Professionals Needed in the Aftermath

As mentioned above, engineers, builders, contractors, architects, and other professionals will be busy helping to reconstruct and repair badly damaged buildings and homes. People who hold themselves out as professionals in these areas are held to a high standard of care when practicing their professions.

Most professionals are considered professionals because they have advanced skills, degrees, training, and licensing in their professions, and the clients who hire them for their professional services rely on them for their expertise. Unfortunately, sometimes professionals do not perform their services with the expected standard of care. As a result, innocent people who rely on their expertise sustain injuries and damage.

Professional standard of care

Different professions have different standards of care. Sometimes those standards are set out by professional organizations; other times, they are simply based on the standard of care that other professionals with the same training and experience would have practiced in the same or similar circumstances.

When professional practice falls below that standard of care, professionals are negligent if innocent clients and patients are injured. As a result, they may have a claim.

Other types of professions

In addition to the construction, engineering, and design professions, other types of professions that may be subject to professional malpractice claims include the following:

  • Legal
  • Medical
  • Real estate
  • Accounting
  • Therapy
  • Dental
  • Veterinary
  • Financial Advising

Contact An Experienced Attorney

If you have suffered physical or financial injuries and damages caused by a negligent professional, you deserve to be fully and fairly compensated. Professionals are hired and trusted because of their specific knowledge and skills, and when they are negligent in their work and practices, they should be held accountable.

Contact a Cherry Hill attorney at The Law Offices of Greg Prosmushkin P.C. to discuss your claim, damages sustained, and any available recovery options that you may have.