Suspended Drivers License for Not Paying Child Support

Your license may indeed be suspended for failure to pay child support. The penalties, in addition to license suspension for failure to pay Child Support, include contempt, jail/probation for up to six months, a fine of up to $500, seizure of bank accounts or tax refunds, passport denial, liens against personal property, and credit bureau reporting. Failure to pay child support is a severe issue and one you should not ignore.

In Pennsylvania, the Department of Public Welfare may issue an order to PennDOT to suspend your license – or in the alternative, prohibit the issuance or renewal of your license. You may prevent this by ensuring that the delinquency of your child support payments does not accrue to the point that you are a total of three months or more in arrears. Once you have failed to pay child support to such an extent, the suspension of your license is likely.

Restoring a Suspended License for Child Support Non-Payment

A license suspension is a punishment to incentivize you to pay your Child Support obligations. Once you have done so, your license may be reinstated. Suppose you satisfy your child support obligations before the effective date of suspension. In that case, the suspension will be removed from your record – having never gone into effect – and PennDOT will send you notice of your driving privilege’s reinstatement.

Suppose you do not pay until the day of effectuation or afterward. In that case, you will need to pay a restoration fee and your child support obligations to reinstate your driving privileges.

What if I Get Caught Driving while My License Is Suspended for Failure to Pay Child Support?

Unfortunately, if you are caught Driving while Your License Is Suspended for failure to pay child support, you will be cited with Driving Under a Suspended License. Under Pennsylvania law, this suspension carries an additional year of License Suspension. So, instead of just dealing with your child support obligations, you will now be prohibited from driving for an additional year.

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