Uber and other ridesharing services changed the way people get from place to place, offering a convenient option to those who would otherwise be stuck taking a bus, commuter train, or simply driving themselves to wherever they needed to go.

With the introduction of Uber, people could now hail a ride with the swipe of a screen or the tap of a button via a mobile app and have a contracted driver come and whisk them away to wherever they needed to go, be it work in the morning or back home after a night on the town.

However, although Uber screens their drivers to ensure they have a decent driving record, that is no guarantee that an accident will never happen—and indeed they do.

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Data on Uber accidents

Preliminary research out of Rice University and the University of Chicago has shown an association between the rise of Uber and ridesharing in general and an increase in fatal traffic accidents.

These data showed that there was an uptick of as much as 3 percent in deadly crashes since the inception of Uber and Lyft, and researchers hypothesize that this increase in fatal road incidents could be due to the influx of more cars on the road thanks to Uber contracting out work that was once relegated to taxi drivers.

The High Cost of Convenience

King Of Prussia Uber Accident AttorneyAs you can see, the convenience of being able to hail a ride anytime, anywhere can sometimes come at a terrible cost. When you get hurt in a vehicle collision, the outcome that unfolds can be horrific in a variety of ways: the pain and suffering of being injured, the costs of medical treatment and physical therapy, the wages lost as a result of being too hurt to return to work.

Some accident victims may even experience catastrophic injuries, such as severe Brain Injury or Spinal Cord Injury resulting in an inability to function as they previously did in their daily lives and permanent disability.

Uber Crash Victims Have Legal Rights

Victims do not have to suffer in silence or suffer alone. You have the right to hold the liable parties accountable after being hurt in an accident due to someone else’s negligence, and hiring a qualified King of Prussia Personal Injury Attorney is the first step in the process of recovering financial compensation after injury.

King of Prussia Uber Accident Attorneys

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