No one sets out to sustain an injury when they first begin their day, but unfortunately, unintentional injuries happen every day. Despite whatever safety measures we may take as prudent, cautious individuals, we can still become injured through no fault of our own due to someone else’s negligent actions.

When this happens, it can be life-changing in the worst of ways, with some injuries resulting in chronic pain or permanent disability. However, people who were injured due to another party’s negligence have legal rights under civil law, and one of those rights is to take legal action against the party responsible for their injuries.

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According to information released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, accidental injury is the third-leading cause of death in the United States, with more than 160,000 fatalities attributed to unintentional injury in 2016. Of these, nearly 35,000 deaths are due to fall injuries, and more than 40,000 occur because of injuries sustained in traffic accidents.

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Victims Can Take Legal Action Against Liable Parties

Injury victims have the right to take legal action against those whose negligence resulted in their being hurt. A party is considered negligent when they act in a way that results in damages to other persons or property—or when they fail to act in a way that causes such damages.

These negligent parties can then be held liable—or legally accountable—for those damages, and the courts can order them to pay cash to the victims of their negligence.

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The extent and severity of injury, costs of injury-related medical care, lost wages due to being too injured to go to work, and pain and suffering endured as a result of injuries are all factors taken into consideration when the courts calculate the amount of damages.

Damages are then assigned a cash value, which may then be paid out to the victim in the form of financial compensation. Contact Us Today to learn more about how we can put our legal expertise to work for you.