New Jersey Drivers with Pennsylvania Traffic Tickets: What to Know

If you are a New Jersey driver and receive a Traffic Violation in Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania automatically notifies New Jersey of the traffic violation.

Both New Jersey and Pennsylvania are part of an agreement known as Driver License Compact (DLC), which allows for information between the two states to be exchanged freely when a traffic violation is committed.

Moving violations are one of the most common offenses that are cited on an out of state driving record. Citations such as speeding, Reckless Driving, and driving with a Suspended License fall under the category of a moving violation. Under NJ driving law, two points are to be added onto your New Jersey driving record for moving violations. New Jersey, however, may place more points onto a New Jersey Driver’s license depending on the severity of the violation.

It is important to note that as a New Jersey Driver your insurance company deals with traffic violations under their own authority. In this respect, your insurance carrier has the ability to raise your insurance rates based on what they feel fits the traffic violation.

In terms of paying the fine for the traffic ticket, you are only responsible for paying the ticket to the state in which you received it in. For example, if you are a New Jersey Driver who has just received a Speeding Ticket in Pennsylvania then you, as the driver, are accountable for paying the state of Pennsylvania for the fine, not the state of New Jersey. No state has the authority to charge a driver a double fine.