Trenton Premises Liability AttorneyWhen you are legally on another person’s property, you should never have to worry about getting harmed. However, there are times when the careless and negligent actions of a property owner or their agents can lead to serious injuries. At The Law Offices of Greg Prosmushkin, P.C., our Premises Liability Lawyers are ready to get to work on your case. Let our knowledgeable and experienced team investigate what happened so we can secure the compensation you deserve.

You Should Always Be Safe on Another Person’s Property

When you have the right to be on another person’s property as an invitee or licensee, the property owner must ensure your safety. Unfortunately, there are many ways in which a person can get injured due to the careless, reckless, or negligent behaviors of a property owner or their employees.

Our Trenton Premises Liability Attorneys regularly see the following injuries in these cases:

Today, we want to discuss some of the main ways these injuries arise, but this is not a complete list. Please speak with a qualified attorney about your particular case.

  • Slip and Fall/Trip and Fall Incidents – Slips, trips, and falls are the most common premises liability cases. These can happen in a variety of ways, including: wet floors, loose carpeting, obstacles, uneven walking surfaces, merchandise on the floor, broken or loose stairs, inadequate lighting, and more.
  • Poor maintenance – Property owners must regularly inspect and maintain their premises. This duty extends to business owners, government property manages, and private residence owners. Many of the following can cause serious patron injuries due to poor maintenance: stairs, store displays, shelving, elevators, escalators, benches, parking lots, doors, and more.
  • Restaurants – Restaurant owners have the added responsibility of ensuring that all food is stored, prepared, and cook properly. Improper food handling can lead to serious illnesses to customers.
  • Pools and hot tubs – Many businesses and private residences have pools and hot tubs. These can pose serious dangers to guests, particularly children. These areas should be well maintained and fenced off so that children cannot inadvertently wander too closely.

Our Team Is Ready to Get to Work

If you or someone you care about has been injured on another person’s property, you may be eligible for compensation. At The Law Offices of Greg Prosmushkin, P.C., we are going to get to work establishing the property owner’s negligence in this case so we can secure the compensation you need. This can include:

  • Coverage of your current and future medical bills
  • Lost wages and benefits if you are unable to work
  • General household expenses
  • Possible physical therapy expenses
  • Pain and suffering damages
  • Possible punitive damages against a negligent property owner

We have the experience in these cases necessary to win. If you need a Trenton Premises Liability Attorney, you can contact us for a Free Consultation by Clicking Here or calling 609-656-0909.