Swimming Pool Accident In Philadelphia

Pool Accidents, drownings, and injuries are common occurrences. As in any other Premises Case, your status on the property will define the duty of care owed to you, your friends, and your family. While the injuries may be devastating, determining your status on the property is vital.

Few things are worse than when a fun day turns into a tragedy, and oftentimes leaves people feeling lost and confused about what steps they should take next. Once the initial pain starts to subside, many victims are left with costly medical bills that can put an overwhelming amount of stress on their financial stability.

Property owners and pool operators are responsible for providing guests with a safe environment; however, these regulations are often not fulfilled.

Filing a personal injury claim will not only provide you with the money you need to cover your injuries but also ensure that the pool owner takes the necessary steps to prevent another incident.

Invitee at a Public Pool or Pay for Pool Entry

Families often belong to swim clubs or pay to use a public pool. These pools and the people that run them owe you and your family the highest duty of care to ensure that the pool and surrounding pool walkways, chairs, or other equipment are safe for their intended uses. The CDC and other agencies estimate that children under five account for 77% of all pool drownings.

Other injuries that do not result in death but are nevertheless devastating to individuals and families are brain injuries that result from striking the head on the pool surface or on slippery walkways. Other injuries include Spine Injuries, such as quadriplegia or paraplegia, and severely broken bones.

Here are some of the reasons for Pool Accidents:

  • Failure to supervise the pool guests (especially children)
  • Poor lifeguard services
  • Lack of good swimming ability
  • Failure to qualify divers off diving boards
  • Surface hazards
  • Sliding board accidents

Private Pools Are also a Liability Issue for Homeowners:

If you own a pool, even if you place signs that no trespassers are allowed, the fact that a pool is an attractive feature can lead to liability. Failure to put guards or fences to keep kids and even adults out can lead to liability. Failure to monitor what goes on at your pool will lead to liability.

Pools involve dangerous instrumentality; a person can drown or suffer life-altering injuries, which home insurance would have to cover. When this is the case, there can be problems that involve a lack of coverage.

The issues with pool injuries require a motivated attorney and law firm to handle the case. These cases can be complicated and are almost always fact-intensive. The lawyers and staff at The Law Offices of Greg Prosmushkin, P.C. have experience dealing with devastating injuries and deaths involving pool accidents.

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