Supermarket Accident in Philadelphia

Many people think that the market must automatically pay your claim because you slips and or Trip and Falls in a supermarket.

This is essentially false. Suppose you have been injured while on the property of a supermarket or any other type of grocery store; then you must establish the elements of a negligence case. Fortunately, as an invitee on the property, you are owed an ordinary duty to make the property safe and the highest duty of care for your safety.

Supermarkets are riddled with hazards and spills that can lead to serious injuries while shopping. As a consumer, we trust that the owner and staff monitor the aisles and other common areas of the store and keep them free from hazardous conditions. Unfortunately, patrons often encounter dangerous surroundings such as tripping hazards, spills, improperly designed aisles, and merchandise falling from the shelves.

To recover from injuries suffered from a supermarket accident, you must prove that the store should have been aware of the hazardous conditions. For over 20 years, The Law Offices of Greg Prosmushkin, P.C. have been aggressively fighting to pursue total compensation for clients who have been injured in an accident.

Injuries At Supermarkets in Philadelphia

If an employee is mopping, unloading perishables, or in charge of the refrigeration at the supermarket and there is a leak, failure to put a warning sign, or anything which they did to cause you to fall is a claim of direct negligence, in which no notice is required.

Suppose you have been in an accident where you were injured on a supermarket property or any other type of retail store. You injured yourself due to the direct negligence of the employee or the nature of the property (for example, a roofing issue on the building where there is water accumulating or freezing). In that case, you have a claim against that entity.

Many issues need to be considered, and you should seek an experienced law firm with a proven track record. The Law Offices of Greg Prosmushkin P.C. has the right lawyer for you and proven results in cases like these. We have offices located in the northeast portion of Philadelphia. Call or email us for a consultation free of charge.

Accidents in Philadelphia Supermarkets

More often than not, slips, Trips, and Falls on supermarket property are caused by an employee’s failure, either by neglecting to inspect the property routinely or because they failed to properly clean up the condition that caused the person to fall in the first place.

The most important fact about this type of claim is that there is no absolute right to recover unless you can show that the supermarket employees and/or staff knew or should have known about the condition, upon reasonable inspection, about the condition which Led to the Injury. Without notice on the market, there is no case unless an employee causes the condition. Examples of evidence of notice could include a blackened banana peel on the ground.

We all know that for a banana peel to turn brown, it needs to be exposed to air for some time. If a person walking through a supermarket were to slip and fall on a black banana peel, it would be reasonable to assume that the banana peel was on the market floor for a long period, long enough that it should have been discovered and rectified.

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