Segway Accident In Philadelphia

Segways are a common sight on the streets of Philadelphia and other cities in Pennsylvania. This first two-wheeled electric vehicle with a self-balancing system has become a very convenient option for commuting to and from work.

“A Segway is thought to be a safer, healthier, and eco-friendlier alternative to motor vehicles, but, as any other mode of transportation out there, it can get you in trouble,” warns our Philadelphia Segway Accident Attorney at The Law Offices of Greg Prosmushkin, P.C.

Injury in a Segway accident

Being injured in a Segway Accident is not extraordinary. Yet, many people wrongly assume that it is impossible to seek compensation for their injuries sustained while riding a Segway or caused by a Segway user. Although Segways are a relatively new phenomenon on our streets, you cannot surprise anyone with a Segway-related injury these days. Just Google how many people get injured when riding Segways to get the full picture.

Every year, thousands of Americans get injured while riding a Segway or sustain injuries caused by a Segway rider. Although the causes of Segway accidents vary from one case to another, many riders sustain injuries when their Segway suddenly turns off, which can throw the rider off the electric vehicle.

A Segway can turn off when the rider exceeds the speed limit, or the vehicle’s battery runs out. However, not all Segway accidents are caused by improper operation or maintenance, as many accidents occur when a Segway rider collides with Pedestrians, bicyclists, Motorcyclists, Car Drivers, stationary objects, and even pets and animals.

Who’s liable for your Segway-related injury?

When determining liability in Segway accidents, much depends on the nature and circumstances of the accident. Our experienced Segway Accident Attorney in Philadelphia explains that many factors come into play when establishing fault in a Segway-related accident.

Things become more complicated if you do not own a Segway that led to your injury. These days, many people rent Segways from rental agencies and tour operators to have fun with them for a day or two. In the event of injury, while riding a rental Segway, you may be able to hold the rental agency responsible for your injury if the agency:

  • Failed to properly inspect and maintain the Segway
  • Failed to seek approval from local authorities to operate in the area
  • Failed to properly supervise or train you or
  • Failed to provide helmets and other protective or safety equipment

Suppose you own a Segway and get into an accident while riding the machine. In that case, you may seek compensation from the machine manufacturer if you can prove that your Segway had a manufacturing or design defect or the manufacturer failed to provide clear instructions on its use or warnings.

Why your Segway-related personal injury may be denied

More often than not, both rental agencies and manufacturers will deny their liability. The former will attempt to deny your claim by arguing that you signed a waiver of liability, which, under Pennsylvania law, cannot waive an entity’s negligence. The latter, meanwhile, will claim that the machine was manufactured correctly and in compliance with safety standards and that your improper operation was the cause of your Segway accident.

Either way, it is important to hire a Segway Injury Lawyer in Philadelphia or elsewhere in Pennsylvania to pursue a Personal Injury claim and protect your legal rights when handling the claim. Contact our Philadelphia personal injury lawyer at The Law Offices of Greg Prosmushkin, P.C., for a free case evaluation. Call our offices at (215)-799-9990  today.