Road Rage Accident Lawyer Philadelphia


Angry drivers, honking, using foul language, and expressing anger with gestures are not an unusual occurrence on the roads of Philadelphia or elsewhere in Pennsylvania.

Philadelphia Road Rage Accident LawyerYes, you may even admit to getting mad at other drivers or traffic jams while operating a vehicle, too. Road rage is very common on the roads of our city, and, unfortunately, it is one of the leading contributing factors in car accidents in the U.S.It does not matter why a driver got mad or lost his or her temper while operating a vehicle. What matters is the fact that the driver experienced road rage, and road rage is considered a violation of Pennsylvania traffic law. “By going into road rage mode, you are endangering the lives of other motorists and Pedestrians on the road,” explains our Philadelphia Road Rage Accident Lawyer at The Law Offices of Greg Prosmushkin, P.C.

What to do in a road rage accident?

If the other driver caused a Car Accident when experiencing road rage, you may have the right to hold that driver responsible for the resulting damages and losses. While it is not always a good idea to confront an angry and aggressive driver after a car accident, you will still need to exchange names, contact information, insurance information, and other info.

“If that’s the case and you are concerned for your safety when dealing with an aggressive motorist, wait until the police arrive at the scene, and then you will be able to write down the other driver’s contact information to begin the process of seeking compensation through the insurance claims process,” advises our experienced Road Rage Accident Lawyer in Philadelphia.

What is considered road rage?

Now that we have established what road rage means and how to deal with an aggressive driver, some of you may be wondering which behaviors can fit the description of “road rage.” According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), the following types of driving behaviors may amount to road rage:

  • Speeding or driving above the speed limit
  • Following too closely behind another vehicle
  • Tailgating
  • Using foul or obscene language when shouting out
  • Expressing anger by using offensive gestures
  • Flashing high beams
  • Honking repeatedly
  • Cutting off other vehicles
  • Illegally changing lanes without indicating the intention to change lanes
  • Suddenly braking or suddenly accelerating and
  • Using objects as a threat of harm

Pursuing a personal injury claim after a road rage accident

When it comes to seeking compensation for injuries caused by an aggressive driver in a road rage accident, you need to understand that the process of pursuing a personal injury claim after a road rage accident is nothing like the process of recovering damages caused by a negligent or careless driver.

Under Pennsylvania law, road rage is described as an intentional sequence of dangerous driving behaviors and habits that put the lives of the raging driver and other motorists at risk. Some of you might think that seeking compensation after a road rage accident will be straightforward because other people witnessed how the at-fault driver turned into a raging monster, but this is not true.

In reality, you will have to collect evidence proving that the driver’s behavior was unreasonable and breached the duty of care. Contact The Law Offices of Greg Prosmushkin, P.C., to schedule a free consultation.