Restaurant Accident in Philadelphia

Enjoying a night out at a restaurant is a treat for many of us, so when a fun time turns into a disaster, it can be devastating. Not only may our evening turn for the worst, but more seriously, you could potentially be left with a debilitating injury such as broken bones and, in more severe cases, traumatic brain injuries.

Often this type of tragedy leaves people feeling lost and confused about what steps they should take next. You may wonder who will be held accountable for your medical bills and lost wages. The answer depends on several factors. We know this is a difficult time for you, so the attorneys at The Law Office of Greg Prosmushkin, P.C. pledge to ensure you receive the compassionate care and compensation you deserve.

Every day across the United States, someone falls in a restaurant. Whether it’s an employee or a patron who Slips and Falls, these types of accidents occur with enough frequency to make claims made against these establishments, some of the most pervasive types of claims in our court system.

Suppose you have been injured while on the property of a restaurant; you need to establish the elements of a negligence case. As an invitee to the property, you are owed not only the ordinary duty to ensure the safety of the property but the highest duty of care for your safety.

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What Do I Need to Prove?

If you are injured, you must prove that your injuries were causally related to the accident. Falling and breaking your arm in the fall is what the law considers causally related. However, there is a tremendous amount of grey area on cause and effect for many other injuries. For example, suppose you fall and hurt your back. You never had an MRI before, and the MRI that you get for your back shows a disc herniation.

This would, on its face, appear to be related to the accident. However, it may not be related. Herniated discs can exist without you knowing it, and depending on your age and what you do for a living, this may predate your Injury and Accident. This does not mean that you were in pain before the fall, but it may mean that you awoke from a dormant condition that is now symptomatic.

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You also need to prove some form of notice in the restaurant. To state it another way, you need to prove that the employees or owners of the restaurant knew, or should have known through a routine inspection, that the condition that caused you to fall existed. Of course, this would not be a noticeable issue if the restaurant employees caused the condition (leaving a wet floor with no warning signs and an alternate path to walk).

However, a previous patron spilling his or her soda on the floor just before leaving and you falling after sitting in his or her seat would be a noticeable issue. In some cases, notice is complicated to determine, so you should consult an attorney for advice and potential representation.

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