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Philadelphia Improper Passing Ticket LawyerWhen running late to work, getting past that one last car sometimes seems like the only plausible factor to create a faster trip to the office. We have all felt the frustration with being stuck behind a driver who seems like they are traveling at glacial speeds when we have somewhere to be. In some cases, we are willing to pass the motorists any way possible to get that “extra time” needed for travel. It would be in your best interest, however, to fight that urge. There are passing protocols in Pennsylvania that require you to pass vehicles in a certain manner based on either the situation or rules of the particular road. Local law enforcement is quite familiar with these laws, and has repeatedly ticketed drivers for the improper passing of other vehicles. It is often the case that you can receive a ticket for simply incorrectly passing another vehicle.

Sometimes you can receive a ticket for simply incorrectly passing another vehicle. Most of us are not aware of the improper passing laws in Pennsylvania – of which there are a number. You may have passed a vehicle in a manner you have executed safely many times before, but were surprisingly issued a ticket by a police officer.

There are passing regulations in Pennsylvania which require that you do so in a particular manner, based on either the situation or rules of the particular road. These are in fact heavy ticket points for which you would be well-served to hire a Traffic Attorney to protect your driving record and license.

The Rule on Passing Other Vehicles

The general rules to govern the overtaking and passing of vehicles traveling in the same direction are:

  1. The driver of a vehicle overtaking another vehicle proceeding the same direction shall pass to the left of the other vehicle at a safe distance and shall stay to the left of the other vehicle until safely clear of the overtaken vehicle
  2. Except when overtaking and passing on the right is permitted, the driver of an overtaken vehicle shall not increase the speed of the vehicle until completely passed by the overtaking vehicle and shall give way to the right in favor of the overtaking vehicle on suitable signal

In short: Pass on the left. Make sure to clear the other vehicle safely. If being passed, you are required to give way to the passing vehicle; don’t increase your speed.

Improper Passing Violations

3303. Improper passing on the left (3 points)

3304. Improper passing on the right (3 points)

3305. Improper passing where the driver does not maintain speed (3 points)

3306(a)(1). Improper passing on a hill (4 points)

3306(a)(2). Improper passing at a railroad crossing or intersection (3 points)

3306(a)(3). Improper passing at a bridge or tunnel (3 points)

3307. Improper passing in a no-passing zone (3 points)

So don’t confuse these with any zero- or two-point speeding tickets. If found guilty, any of these tickets will get you at least halfway to the Pennsylvania 6 point mark. If you do reach this threshold, you will be required to take a written test, road test, or even face suspension, prior to the restoration of your license.

Why Do I Need a Lawyer?

Because you need to avoid the 3-4 points associated with this Traffic Ticket. Whether that means your lawyer discovers a way to beat the ticket given the circumstances of your case or your lawyer pleas it down to a lesser offense, you need to avoid these heavy point tickets, so that you don’t expose yourself to more significant penalties.