Philadelphia Domestic Violence Lawyer

Protecting Your Safety and Rights in a Domestic Violence Case

Philadelphia Domestic Violence AttorneyWhether you need to obtain a Protection-From-Abuse (PFA) order – also commonly called a restraining order in many states – or you are facing allegations of spousal abuse or any other form of domestic violence, the stakes are high. Please do not delay getting the help you need.In the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, or Trenton, New Jersey area, you can contact our lawyers for attention to your needs and decisive action on your behalf.

Extensive, Relevant Experience to Help You Through a Serious Situation

We are proven, skilled lawyers whom you can trust in many of the most sensitive, serious situations which life presents. Our experience ranges from handling many Divorce and Family Law cases to providing aggressive, resourceful criminal defense. This combination, along with in-depth knowledge of specific Pennsylvania and New Jersey laws and courts, makes our firm a powerful resource in any domestic violence case.

A Balanced, Disciplined Approach to Getting Favorable Results

We are a diverse, multilingual law firm dedicated to treating all our clients with respect. We help people across all nationalities and occupations, and each one receives personal attention focused on achieving the best possible outcome.

We are well-equipped to counsel and represent any man or woman who is:

  • A victim of domestic violence – which may be physical, mental or financial – who needs to seek a PFA or restraining order.
  • Accused of domestic violence by a relative, or a former or present sexual partner, and in need of aggressive defense.
  • The target of a stalker or accused of stalking.

Moving Quickly and Effectively, According to Your Priorities

If your safety hangs in the balance, we will help you seek all available legal options for gaining protection.

Please contact The Law Offices of Greg Prosmushkin, P.C. to put investigators, negotiators and trial lawyers on your side. We have resolved domestic violence cases through negotiations, and we have also achieved our clients’ goals through going all the way to criminal or family court.