Avoid a Holiday DUI Charges

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Everyone enjoys the holiday season. It’s a time for friends, family, gifts, and as much food and holiday cheer as you can stomach – and then some. And then there’s the drinking. Oh boy, do we know how to party. The number of drunken revelers is always at its peak during the holidays. But the sobering reality is that the police are out in equally high numbers, looking to end the party for anyone who has gotten behind the wheel after celebrating a little too hard.

So, as a little courtesy from your friends at The Law Offices of Greg Prosmushkin, P.C., here’s some advice so that you won’t need our services for a DUI-related arrest in the near future:

Figure Out How You Are Getting Home before You Go Out. Whether you have a designated driver, are calling a taxi/uber, or are crashing at a friend’s place, you need a plan before you drink. We have all tried planning post-inebriation, and I think the majority of us can agree that our decision-making process is impaired, at best, once drunk.

You Aren’t a Good Drunk. No one is. Just because you may handle your booze a bit better than your one and done friends does not mean you are equipped to drive. The minute you begin drinking, your body begins to absorb and process the alcohol. Your physical abilities diminish first, as your coordination and visual acuity lessen. Not long after, your mental abilities decline as well. Your reasoning centers and analytical skills are impaired. You can’t out-think the alcohol. Don’t try.

Avoid a Holiday DUI Charges in PhiladelphiaOne Drink an Hour Is a Myth. Think about it. There is just no way a 90-pound woman and a 300-pound man are going to process alcohol at the same rate. There are also many other factors beyond body mass that go into processing alcohol. A 4.5% AV beer and a glass of scotch are going to affect you quite differently, as even half the fluid by volume in a liquor is going to be at least 3 times as intoxicating than the lone beer. Your overall health is a factor, as the ability of your organs to process alcohol, and the way your brain interacts with the contaminants contribute. The best way to tell if you’re drunk is to ask a sober person and to look for certain visual indications; the same ones the police are looking for.

Police Are Looking for Certain Clues. Police are looking for certain behaviors from a driver, both behind the wheel and upon being stopped. You and your friends can honestly evaluate your condition before driving by checking each other to see if you show any of the signs of intoxication: slurred speech, odor of alcohol, glossy or bloodshot eyes, erratic behavior, lack of balance, etc. If you or your driver are displaying any of these traits: don’t drive.

Have fun. Have a drink. But let somebody else drive. Once you begin drinking, there is no magic point at which you can be sure you’ll be safe to drive. So plan accordingly. From your friends at The Law Offices of Greg Prosmushkin, P.C.: Be safe, and happy holidays!

This content was written on behalf of Greg Prosmushkin.