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Possessing and Distributing Child Pornography is an extremely serious offense. Unsurprisingly, because the offense is so grave, the consequences can be enormous and debilitating for someone, even if they were unaware the images and videos they possessed depicted minors. The mere accusation of possessing underage porn can ruin marriages and family relationships, and cause even your closest friends to turn away from you – whether or not said accusations are true.

In many cases, someone has an image or video of a minor in a compromising position, and may not even know it. With the rise of file sharing applications, such as BitTorrent, uTorrent, and others, a person searching for legal products can stumble onto and download files which contain illegal depictions of minors. These files can stay on your hard drive, perhaps even being shared by your file sharing application, despite your having no knowledge of their existence. There have even been cases of automatic downloads containing child porn coming from an untrusted site, without the knowledge of the visitor.

At the end of the day, when looking to make a case against you, state and federal prosecutors will not ask whether you knew you had child porn on your computer, they will simply get a warrant, seize your computer, conduct an analysis, and ask questions later.  This means that, regardless of whether you know you are in possession of child porn, state and federal prosecutors take this kind of crime seriously, and will pursue significant jail time for this crime.

Possession vs. Distribution

Philadelphia Child Pornography LawyerWhile there is a distinction between Possessing and Distributing Child Porn, the way someone is caught is virtually the same. The FBI has been known to monitor chat rooms, torrents, and even general web traffic for people downloading known images of minors in compromising positions.While some of these cases wind up in Pennsylvania’s state courts, most of these cases go to Federal Prosecutors, where the penalties are much greater, and prosecutors can use the virtually unlimited resources of the Federal Government to go after you.

The FBI can catch a person either downloading child porn or distributing it. Downloading is less severe than distributing. However, in both of these cases, you are facing significant jail time, and Megan’s Law registration for ten years to life.

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