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Often, people are shocked to hear that a Bench Warrant has been issued for their arrest. Most people assume that a warrant would only be issued for an individual who has committed a significant crime. This, however, is a misconception. Bench warrants are commonly issued by judges for individuals who miss scheduled court appearances, even for infractions as insignificant as minor Traffic Violations.

Finding out that there is a warrant for your immediate arrest can be a very frightening and shocking revelation. If you discover that a warrant has been issued for your arrest, you should contact a lawyer immediately. The Criminal Attorneys at The Law Offices of Greg Prosmushkin, P.C. will help you deal with this problem as quickly as possible.

Why Was a Bench Warrant Issued for My Arrest?

Most bench warrants are issued because an individual failed to comply with a court or probation order. Often, these include failure to appear in court or at your probation officer’s office at a specified time, and other violations of court orders. The most common reasons for the issuance of a bench warrant are as follows:

  • Failing to appear at preliminary hearings
  • Failing to appear at a pre-trial conference
  • Failing to appear for a formal arraignment
  • Failing to appear in court for a trial date
  • Failing to appear in court when subpoenaed
  • Failing to comply with court instruction regarding drug/alcohol classes or rehabilitation
  • Failing a court ordered drug test
  • Failing to pay court-ordered fees
  • Failing to appear or report to your probation officer (absconding from supervision)
  • Failing to complete court mandated counseling or therapy

Philadelphia Bench Warrants LawyerThe purpose of the judge issuing a bench warrant is to forcibly compel the individual to appear in court. In many instances, however, the bench warrant is issued as the result of a relatively innocent mistake, whether the individual simply forgot, did not receive court notice, or did not understand the instruction.If you have been issued a bench warrant, you need to retain counsel immediately. It is possible that, with the assistance of a skilled lawyer, you may be able to have the bench warrant lifted before you face any additional consequences.

Why Do I Need a Lawyer?

We always contact the court to confirm our client’s responsibilities regarding an upcoming court date. It is important that you know whether or not your attendance is compulsory. If the court requires your attendance, you need to recognize that you have no other option. Working is not an excuse. If a court of law gives you an instruction, you must comply. The alternative is that a Bench Warrant will be issued for your arrest, in which case you have new problems, and our services will be required for an additional matter.

Once a bench warrant has been issued, it is essential that we attempt to resolve the matter quickly. We can request the court dismiss the order upon explanation or pay the fee immediately to resolve the matter. Immediate action is critical in this situation.

Waiting until an officer has arrested you pursuant to the order will only further complicate the situation. Remember, the Court is empowered to find you in contempt for violating their order, and can give you jail time in addition to the time you would have received on your original case.  Call The Law Offices of Greg Prosmushkin, P.C. today to schedule a Free Consultation. Let’s work together to resolve this situation as quickly as possible.