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Mergers and acquisitions are vital tools for any company with aspirations of growth. We guide our clients through every facet of such transactions, including evaluation, due diligence, financing, structuring, negotiation, documentation, and all other components and phases of the purchase or sale of a business and its assets. Regardless of the size of your company or the transaction, our goal remains constant: to provide our clients with sound advice in order to effectuate a successful Business Transaction.

Our Guidance

We can provide our clients a wealth of legal advice concerning any transaction. We can handle virtually any issue which may arise associated with a merger or acquisition. Clients rely on our expert legal advice regarding:

  • Tax Implications – Concerns regarding tax consequences resulting from the transaction and how to properly structure the transaction while considering the tax implications.
  • Governance – Boards and Business owners need assistance regarding their fiduciary duties and potential liabilities as they become clear while a merger or acquisition takes form.
  • Real Estate – Buying, selling, leasing, and developing properties are all components of a transaction that may be due further consideration.
  • Employment – Employees situations may be changed, and how a transaction will affect their jobs, benefits, unions, Contracts, etc. must be evaluated.

Closing a Deal

Philadelphia Business Mergers And Acquisitions LawyerWe are not just ‘paper’ attorneys here to push the paperwork along to rack up your billable and ignore the real world implications of the business interests you are pursuing. The Law Offices of Greg Prosmushkin, P.C. will provide you strategic counsel along with our legal counsel. We will help you to evaluate the financials, and, if necessary, put you into contact with the appropriate professionals to further evaluate any proposed transaction. We will assist you in the negotiation process. We will provide you any service you require in order to properly evaluate and proceed with a merger or acquisition.