Things to Know Before Applying for a U.S. Visa

Many people dream about pursuing a career abroad or moving to the United States to begin a new life with their families. Moving to a new country can be a possibility, but it requires a long process of meeting regulatory requirements and getting the necessary government permissions.

Global Immigration Services To ensure you best position yourself when preparing your application for a U.S. visa, you may require the help of a legal professional who canprovide assistance with regard to the multi-step immigration process. It will not be possible to ful fill your American dream if U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services does not grant youan immigration visato enter the country.The process of immigration can be complicated and difficult to understand. The rules regularly change, making success a moving target. Therefore, it is critical to stay updated of recent developments in immigration law. A global immigration services lawyercan keep you informed about any changes to immigration laws that may affect your application and guide you through the entire process of getting a U.S. visa.

Our professionalscanhelpyousecure they type of visa you want.

When a non-U.S. citizen seeks entry to the United States,there are different types of visas for which they can apply. Every type of visa has its own eligibility criteria and requirements. It is important to choose the right visa and thoroughly review your eligibility and the required documents.

Immigrant and Non-Immigrant Visas

Before applying for a U.S. visa,you should consider whether you want to move to the United States permanently or whether you just want to visit temporarily. If the reason behind your traveling to the United States is related to work, tourism, business, or anothertemporary purpose, you may apply for a non-immigrant visa. However, if you want to move to the United Statespermanently, you would need to apply for an immigrant visa. The eligibility criteria for each is different.

Different Types of Visas

A legal professional who provides global visa service scan help you determine which type of visa would be right for your purposes. For example, there are visas designated for students and others that are based on your skills or employment. Other types of visas for which you may apply includework visas, domestic employment visas, fiancé visas,and permanent green card visas.

Requirements for Securing a Green Card

Philadelphia Global ImmigrationSecuring a green card can be a challenge, and the requirements for approval are strict. In some circumstances, getting approved for a green card may depend on yourrelationship with aU.S. citizen. If you are closely related to a U.S. citizen, it is usuallyeasier to get approved for a green card, especially if the U.S. citizen sponsors your application. However, if you are not closely related, the process may take a little longer. Whether you are an immediate relative or a more distant relative, our range of immigration services can help reduce the hassles of planting your roots in a new country.Our professionalscan helpdetermine whether you would qualify for a green card or other visa. They will evaluate your application and seewhether you fulfill all of the requirements, as well as help you understand thekey factors thatmay affect the process.

Each type of visa has different fees associated with it. You can schedulea free consultation with us to learnthe approximate costs of applying.

Is it difficultto become a permanent U.S. citizen?

It can be difficult to become a permanent U.S. citizenif you do nothave immediate relatives or family members who live in the United States. However, getting approved is still possible if you fulfill all of the eligibility criteria. Contact us to speak with an experienced immigration consultant who can help determine the different ways you can go about getting approved for animmigration visa.

Are there any situationsin which it is particularly important to hire animmigrationservice provider?

There are certain situations in whichyou may need the assistance of a global immigration consultant to improve your chances of success. Some of the most common scenarios in which an immigration service provider’s assistance is crucial include:

  1. Your prior application has been denied. If you have previously been denied following a visa application, it is important to get in touch with a consultant to learnmore about why you may not have gotten approved. The immigration professionalcanalso help you with the process of reapplying after assessing your eligibility.
  2. When your employer is not providing assistance in the visa process. You may have landed a great job, but you may not get approved for a visa if your future employer refuses to assist with the immigration process and does not complete the necessary paperwork. An immigration professional can help encourageyour employer to provide the necessary paperwork.
  3. If you have ever been charged with or convicted of a crime.Ifyou have been accused of committing a crime in the past, and especially if you have been convicted of the offense, there is a good chance that your application will be rejected. Certain crimes may bea barrier to U.S. immigration. However, there are some situations in which you may be able to secure a visa. This is where an immigration service provider’s assistance comes into play.
  4. You have a serious medical condition or contagious disease.If you suffer from a severe medical condition or have a contagious disease, your chances of approval are much lower. You can reach out to our consultants to help determinewhether your condition would preclude eligibility for a visa.
  5. You have beenwaiting a long time for a response. If your visa application has been pending for an extended period of time, you shouldconsider getting in touch with our experienced immigration lawyers and consultants. Our teamcanhelp you determine the reasons why your application may be stalled. We canassist you with the process and ensure that your application is complete. We will also do whatever is in our power to expedite the process.

The visa application itself can be complicated to understand. However, our experienced professionals can provide the global migration services you need at every step of the way. The guidance they provide can improve your chances of a successful outcome. Even though thewhole process may be lengthy, it will be worth the wait if you are ultimately approved for the visa you seek.

The attorneys at The Law Offices of Greg Prosmushkin will guide you through the immigration process. Our fees are reasonable,and we provide a free consultation for all new clients.

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