We all know that drinking and driving are extremely dangerous and law enforcement does their best to get drunk drivers off the road. However, they cannot stop all of the intoxicated drivers and there may be a time when you need a Mercerville DWI Accident Attorney.

At The Law Offices of Greg Prosmushkin, P.C., we understand that these cases can be difficult. Our knowledgeable and experienced team is ready to get to work on securing the compensation you deserve. Let us handle insurance companies so you can recover from your injuries.

Understanding The Whole Picture

First, we want to give you the statistics for vehicle accidents in New Jersey and then look at how drunk driving factors in.

For the latest reporting year in the state, there were more than 270,000 vehicle crashes reported. Out of those, there were:

  • 61,753 crash injuries
  • 591 crash fatalities

When it comes to injuries in DWI crashes, we find that they are usually more severe than crashes involving non-impaired drivers. This is because drunk drivers tend to operate recklessly at higher rates of speed and rarely slow down before an impact. It is not uncommon for us to see the following injuries in the aftermath of a crash:

Dwi Accident Lawyer MercervilleEach of these injuries requires medical attention. In the worst cases, a DWI crash victim is disabled and sees their lives change forever. Most people only think of medical expenses when it comes to these crashes, but we know that there are many other hidden costs involved. In many cases, a DWI crash victim loses their job and income because they cannot work while they recover from their injuries. This puts an incredible strain on their family’s finances, especially when medical bills are coming in.

  • Crash victims often find themselves in a battle with insurance companies over how much they will get in a settlement.

For the latest full year of data, we know that around 11,000 people are killed each year in the US due to drunk driving incidents (10,874 in 2017). In New Jersey’s latest year of data, 23% of all traffic fatalities were due to drunk drivers.

It Is Time To Take Charge

We know that the last thing you thought you would have to go through is getting Injured by a drunk driver. At The Law Offices of Greg Prosmushkin, P.C., we understand that these cases can become incredibly difficult and are ready to help you get through this. Our knowledgeable and experienced team will work to secure the compensation you deserve for all of your crash-related expenses, including:

  • Your medical expenses related to the incident
  • Lost income and benefits if you are unable to work
  • Pain and suffering/loss of enjoyment of life damages
  • Punitive damages against the driver responsible

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