In response to a recent New Jersey school bus accident that resulted in the death of a teacher and a student, a new law now requires all new school buses to be equipped with three point harnesses for each passenger.

This law is welcomed by most as a way to increase safety for children, but it will be quite some time before all students have three point harnesses since the law only applies to new buses. Additionally, this law does not apply to other buses transporting people in Lawrenceville and throughout the rest of the state.

Whether it is a ride on a school bus, public bus, or private chartered bus, as passengers settle into their seats, they anticipate reaching their destination safely and that is usually what happens, but sometimes it does not.

Lawrenceville Bus Accident Attorneys know that even though buses are often a very safe mode of transportation, when accidents do happen, resulting Personal Injuries to people inside of the bus and outside of the bus can be devastating.

Different Violations Can Lead To An Accident

One of the most important parts of an attorney’s bus accident investigation in proving fault is examining regulation compliance. Buses are subject to many state and federal safety regulations and violations of those regulations can lead to accidents.

In some cases, it is critical to look into violations in order to show a pattern of negligent and irresponsible practices when it comes to bus safety. See below for some common regulation violations.

  • Hours of service violations may include outdated driving logs and drivers who have exceeded driving limits which restrict bus drivers to a maximum number of hours and consecutive days of drive time.
  • Safety equipment regulations are frequently violated when bus owners and drivers fail to use, install, or purchase required equipment to aid in the safe operation of the bus.
  • Maintenance violations occur when a bus is not maintained as required and maintenance records are not up to date.
  • An examination of safety check records will show how many safety checks the defendant’s buses have failed in the past.
  • A bus’s black box will tell a lot about the accident such as how fast the driver was driving and whether or not he or she slowed down or attempted to brake before the accident.

Who is Liable for the Accident?

Liable parties may include a school district or other government entity responsible for the bus, contracting party, bus company, bus manufacturer, bus driver, another driver who caused the accident, or person/entity responsible for dangerous road conditions leading to the accident.

Proving liability in bus accidents can be complicated, but it is significantly easier when you have a competent and knowledgeable attorney with experience in bus accident cases.

Injuries and damages caused by a bus accident can be life altering and very costly. If you or a loved one has sustained injuries in a bus accident, contact a Lawrenceville Bus Accident Attorney at The Law Offices of Greg Prosmushkin, P.C. to discuss the accident details and your financial recovery options