We cannot always be there watching over our children. If the careless or negligent behavior of another person has caused your child harm, you need to seek legal assistance as soon as possible. At The Law Offices of Greg Prosmushkin, P.C., we understand that this difficult to deal with. We are here when you need a Lansdale child injury attorney.

We will investigate what happened and work to secure the compensation you and your child need for all of their injury-related expenses.

Our children can get seriously injured

Child Injury Lawyer LansdaleAnyone who has kids, regardless of how old they are, knows that the little rascals can get themselves into dangerous situations. They are curious and have no sense of when something might cause them harm. That is why we watch over them and why we trust professionals to care for them when we cannot. Think about how many adults have a responsibility to keep your children safe:

  • Teachers
  • School administrators
  • Daycare staff
  • Mentors
  • School bus drivers
  • Other parents
  • Sports coaches

All too often, children get hurt because an adult failed to supervise them properly. However, we also know that our children can be harmed due to the use of a Defective Product. We commonly see children’s products recalled, including toys, car seats, medications, foods, and more. All of these can cause serious injuries to kids.

Faulty playground equipment or other poorly maintained properties can lead to injuries. It is vital that all property owners regularly inspect and maintain their premises in order to keep all patrons safe.

What kind of injuries do we see happen with children?

  • Internal bleeding
  • Broken or dislocated bones
  • Severe lacerations or Amputations
  • Internal organ damage
  • Spinal Cord Injuries
  • Traumatic Brain Injuries

Concussions are considered mild traumatic brain injuries and are common injuries for kids who play sports. Coaches, school, and recreation staff should always treat these injuries seriously in order to prevent serious brain damage from occurring.

We know that you will have questions in the aftermath of an incident that causes harm to your child:

  • Who was responsible for supervising your child at the time of the incident?
  • Was a faulty product to blame and who made it?
  • Will insurance cover all of these expenses?

We are ready to get to work now

We know that this is the last thing you ever thought you would have to go through. However, if your child has been Injured due to the negligence of another person, please seek legal assistance as soon as possible.

At The Law Offices of Greg Prosmushkin, P.C., our knowledgeable and experienced team is ready to step in and get to work on securing the compensation you need right now. This can include:

  • All of your child’s medical expenses
  • Lost income if you cannot work while you care for your child
  • Pain and suffering damages
  • Loss of enjoyment of life damages
  • Possible punitive damages

If you need a Lansdale Child Injury Lawyer, please contact us for a free consultation by calling (215)-799-9990