When products are made available for wholesale and retail sale, consumers should be able to rest assured that the product they buy is both functional and safe to use.

However, anyone who has ever had to frantically search their homes after a product recall can tell you that this isn’t always the case, and in some instances, damaged or defective products can be seriously hazardous to human health.

The good news is that people who have purchased products with design flaws or flawed assembly or even products that contain undisclosed dangerous chemicals have legal options available to them.

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Product Liability and Duty of Care

King Of Prussia Product Liability AttorneyManufacturers and retailers both owe their end users a duty of care, meaning that they are expected to take reasonable measures to ensure that their products are functional and safe. However, some manufacturers or retailers may knowingly and willingly sell malfunctioning or dangerous products just to get a few extra dollars, without any care of the health hazard they could be creating by doing so.

The Dangers of Defective and Damaged Products

Serious and even fatal injuries can occur because of damaged or defective products. Consider a chair that was sold pre-assembled, but the person who was responsible for its assembly and quality assurance both turned a blind eye to a few missing screws.

While a few missing screws might not seem like a big deal, when a person goes to sit on that chair and ends up falling and fracturing their pelvis, a few screws can make the difference between a safe product and months of time spent recovering from an injury.

Types of Product Liability Lawsuits

Unfortunately, product liability cases can take many forms. Some common product liability cases include:

  • Damaged or defective furniture
  • Damaged or defective electronics
  • Small appliances that pose a fire hazard or other health hazard
  • Defective car parts or other automotive parts
  • Children’s toys or paints labeled non-toxic, but contain harmful chemicals
  • Baby formula that lacks the nutrients listed on the label or contains harmful ingredients
  • Electric-run product with faulty wiring causing fire hazard

Although retailers and manufacturers would prefer to just offer a replacement or refund and sweep the matter under the rug, by taking legal action you can hold them accountable for their wrongdoing.

King of Prussia Product Liability Attorneys

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