We visit premises all the time in our day-to-day lives, from eating at restaurants to shopping at markets to staying at hotels. One would like to think that the owners and operators of these premises would have public safety in mind, but unfortunately, not everyone in charge of a premise cares about their visitors’ well-being.

In fact, some owners and operators may willfully overlook safety hazards in the interest of saving a few dollars. These people are negligent, and their negligence can lead to serious or even fatal injuries. However, the silver lining is this: these negligent parties can be held responsible for what they did and the harm it caused in civil court.

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What Is Premises Liability?

Premises liability involves the owners or operators of a given premises (made available for public use, such as a restaurant or store) being responsible for any damages that occur to persons or property while on said premises.

In other words, if a restaurant patron trips and falls on a loose, unsecured rug and the manager knew full well that the rug was a trip hazard but never took any measures to remove the hazard, that manager can be held legally accountable for any Personal Injuries that resulted from their negligent failure to do their part to ensure public safety.

Duty of Care and Liability for Damages

Premises Liability Lawyer King Of PrussiaLiability is when a party is assigned responsibility for the damages that resulted from their negligence. Premises owners and operators owe the public a duty of care, which means that they agree to address any hazards on their premises in a timely manner to help make sure their visitors remain safe while on that premises.

Negligence results in a violation of this duty of care, and therefore, the negligent party can be sued for damages in civil court.

Negligence Can Cause Serious Harm

One person’s negligence can alter the lives of other people forever in the blink of an eye. A premises owner’s failure to address safety issues for whatever reason, be it money-related or sheer laziness, can have devastating consequences for the victims of their negligence.

However, victims have the right to make sure the negligent person is held legally responsible for their wrongdoing, and the right attorney can help them get justice.

King of Prussia Premises Liability Attorneys

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