Suffering a brain injury is a significant event, even if the traumatic brain injury (TBI) is “just” a concussion. Brain damage can affect any and all parts of the body, as the brain is the control center for everything we do, from speaking to eating to moving and feeling.

When the brain becomes damaged, other aspects of functioning can also be impacted, and it is not uncommon for TBI to result in permanent disability and chronic pain.

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Facts about Traumatic Brain Injury

According the data published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than 56,000 people died as a result of brain injury in 2014, and of these, more than 2,000 were children.

As many as 288,000 hospitalizations were estimated to have been attributed to TBI that same year, and falls were the leading cause of brain injury, followed by being struck against an object or by an object (as might occur in a Car Accident). Among the fatally injured, elderly people (aged 75 and up) were more highly represented than other age groups.

Know the Signs

Not all the signs of brain injury are blatantly obvious, especially when there is no open head wound present. Know what signs to watch for if you suspect someone has suffered a TBI:

  • Bleeding from facial orifices (could indicate internal bleeding)
  • Bruising or bleeding around the ears (another sign of internal bleeding)
  • Confusion, slurred speech, difficulty moving limbs
  • Severe headache

Victims Could Qualify for Financial Compensation

When another person is responsible for a victim’s injury, that person can be held liable—or legally accountable—for the resultant damages their negligence led to.

Any damages to people or property resulting from negligence (a failure to act reasonably, or an unreasonable lack of action) can then become the legal responsibility of the liable party. This means that the liable party could be compelled by the courts to pay cash to the victim and their family in the form of damages.

King of Prussia Brain Injury Attorneys

Brain Injury Lawyer King Of Prussia If you or a loved one experienced a TBI and need a Brain Injury Lawyer in King of Prussia, reach out to The Law Offices of Greg Prosmushkin, P.C. Our attorneys are experienced and skilled brain injury litigation specialists and we can assist you with pursuing the recovery of damages in court.

The damages are calculated and assigned a monetary value based on pain and suffering, lost wages, injury severity and other factors related to the injury.

The dollar amount may then be paid to the victim and their family by the party deemed liable for the injury. Contact Us for a Free Consultation Today.