Legal issues related to product liability arise when consumers purchase products that are defective, damaged, or otherwise do not live up to their advertised promises when used as directed.

Many of these products can be a hazard to human health and can lead to serious injury or even fatal injury. If you purchase a defective product and want to discuss your legal rights with a Product Liability Lawyer in Horsham, contact The Law Offices of Greg Prosmushkin, P.C. to speak to one of our expert attorneys.

What Is Duty Of Care?

Manufacturers, retailers and wholesalers owe consumers a duty of care. This means that they may not make products that they know are damaged, defective, or may pose a danger to life and limb available for sale to the public.

When they do so, they are considered negligent, and thus, can be held liable for any damages to persons or property arising from their negligence.

Damaged or Defective Products Can be Dangerous

Products should only be sold when they are known to be in good repair (i.e., free from manufacturing defects, assembled with all necessary parts, etc.). The problem is, many manufacturers and retailers would rather make a quick buck than ensure their products are safe for use by consumers.

This can lead to devastating situations where consumers become severely injured or could even be killed as a result of using a product they purchased. For example, if a small appliance that has a wiring defect is sold and the defect causes the appliance to catch fire which results in Burn Injuries, the manufacturer can be sued for the pain and suffering of the burn victim as well as any damages to the property caused by the fire.

You Can File a Lawsuit Under Product Liability Law

You have rights under Product Liability Law, and one of those rights is the ability to hire an attorney and file a lawsuit against the manufacturer or retailer who sold you the damaged or defective product.

Retailers and manufacturers would prefer to just offer a replacement or a refund, but you may be entitled to much more than that, especially if the defective or damaged product resulted in your becoming injured.

Even if the product was simply a disappointment because it did not function as advertised, you may have a case for the civil courts, and a Horsham Personal Injury Lawyer can help you get informed about your legal options.

Horsham Product Liability Attorneys

If you need a Product Liability Lawyer in Horsham, call The Law Offices of Greg Prosmushkin, P.C. for a free consultation. Our attorneys specialize in handling product liability claims. We are client-focused and know how to get results in the civil courtroom.

We can fight on your behalf in an effort to recover damages in your case. These damages are calculated by the courts and given a monetary value based on various factors: pain and suffering, emotional distress, injury and treatment, and cost of product. The damages may then be paid to you as a cash award. Call or Click Today for your no-cost case assessment.