Riding a motorcycle as part of your commute can save you money at the gas pumps while allowing you to experience the exhilaration of the open road. Many motorcyclists love the great fuel economy bikes offer, and with touring bikes, traveling long distances can be both fun and comfortable.

However, when motorcyclists are involved in road accidents, the outcome can be devastating, particularly if they are involved in a crash with a car or truck. While automobiles have airbags and seatbelts—not to mention a sturdy metal-framed enclosure—protecting them, motorcyclists have little except for the helmets on their heads and the clothes on their backs, making them more likely to sustain Catastrophic Injuries in an accident.

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Motorcycle Crash Data

According to reports from the Insurance Information Institute (III), more than 5,200 motorcyclists were killed on United States roadways in 2016, and although preliminary data made available by the Governors Highway Safety Association predicts that the data for 2017 will show lower incidences of fatality, we believe just one fatality accident is one too many. The III reported that in 2015, an estimated 88,000 motorcyclists were involved in injury crashes.

Motorcyclists Are Vulnerable on the Roadways

Motorcyclists face more dangers on the roads than other motorists. Aside from lacking the same safety technology and enclosures that other motor vehicles (such as Cars and Trucks) have, motorcycles are also smaller than cars, and while this makes them maneuverable, it also makes other drivers less likely to see them.

Unfortunately, too few people check their blind spots appropriately when changing lanes or making turns, and their negligence can have injurious or even fatal consequences on motorcyclists.

Injured Motorcyclists Have Legal Rights

Motorcyclists who are hurt in an accident do not have to suffer in silence. When another person’s negligence causes an accident and people get hurt, that negligent party can be held legally responsible—or liable—in civil court for the damages to persons and property that were caused by their recklessness. This means that motorcyclists can seek financial compensation from the at-fault party if they were injured in a road crash.

Horsham Motorcycle Accident Attorneys

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Our mission is to help you recover monetary compensation in the form of damages for the pain and suffering you have been through as a result of your accident.

Damages are assigned a dollar amount via the courts based on various factors, including costs of medical and rehabilitative treatment, lost wages during injury recovery, and pain and suffering endured) and can be paid out to you as financial compensation. Contact Us Today for Your Free Case Evaluation.