Many people enjoy having canine companions and welcome them as a new member of the family that is loved and well cared for and properly trained to be friendly to humans.

However, not every dog owner is responsible and caring, and sadly, some dog owners are downright abusive to their dogs, which can result in erratic, aggressive behavior that can lead to humans being injured in dog attacks.

Some dog breeds are more aggressive by nature, though, and other breeds, while not known for their aggression, can be dangerous when they attack due to their size and strength.

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Dog Attack Facts and Stats

The American Veterinary Medical Association published a literature review on the role of dog breed in attack risk in 2014. According to their data:

  • German shepherd dogs, pit bulls, mixed-breed dogs and Rottweilers were highly represented in bite reports
  • Pit bull dogs were the most highly represented in fatal and Catastrophic Attack Injuries
  • Large-breed dogs are reported in more attacks on both humans and fellow canines than their smaller counterparts

Does Breed Matter?

It comes as no surprise that breed plays a role in dog attack injuries. However, the breeds with the most prevalence in dog attack reports seem to be larger-breed dogs.

This could be due to the fact that a larger, stronger dog with stronger jaws can cause far more extensive injury than a tiny dog. Therefore, reports are likely made of dog attacks from larger dogs (Rottweilers, Labradors) more often than when smaller dogs (such as chihuahuas) attack.

Are All Aggressive Dogs Dangerous?

Although some smaller dogs (such as terrier breeds and toy breeds) are notorious for being more inherently aggressive than some other breeds, these dogs may not pose as great a harm to human health as their larger counterparts.

For example, although Jack Russell terriers are noted as being highly prevalent in bite reports, these small dogs are not as powerful as dogs such as German shepherds or pit bulls, although they can still cause devastating injuries if they attack, especially in children.

Horsham Dog Bite Attorneys

Horsham Dog Attack Attorney Dog attack victims do not have to suffer in silence. If you were hurt in a dog attack and need a Dog Bite Lawyer in Horsham, the attorneys at The Law Offices of Greg Prosmushkin, P.C. are available to offer expert legal assistance.

We are Dog Bite Injury Litigation specialists dedicated to helping victims and their families recover damages for their injuries.

Damages to persons and property are evaluated by the court and given a dollar value based on factors like lost wages while recovering from serious injuries, severity of injury, and medical costs resulting from the treatment of dog bite injuries.

The courts can then compel the liable party—usually the dog’s owner—into paying those damages to victims and families. To learn more, Contact Us Today to discuss your case during a free consultation.