Cyclists enjoy many health benefits from the cardiovascular exercise that riding a bicycle provides. Bicycling also offers a refreshing way to take in the surroundings, and is a wallet-friendly and ecological alternative to driving as part of a daily commute.

However, bicyclists are also are far greater risk than motorists when it comes to being involved in Traffic Accidents. While automobiles and trucks have heavy chassis enclosing their drivers and passengers, as well as safety technology such as airbags and seatbelts, bicyclists are open to the elements—and the road.

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Bicyclist Injury Data

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration data showed that nearly 800 bicyclists were killed in Road Accidents in 2017, with 45 percent of these accidents happening during the evening and early morning hours when visibility is poor and conditions are dark.

Bike Accidents are reported to have taken place in urban areas in more than 70 percent of cases (as opposed to rural areas). In 2016, 4 percent of cyclists were killed while traveling in bike lanes.

Cyclists Face Major Risks on Roadways

Even in urban areas where established bicyclist easements have been set up for cyclists to use, people who ride bicycles face major risks when on the roadways. Law-abiding cyclists could still be catastrophically injured if they are involved in an accident, even when they take all reasonable safety precautions.

Often the only thing protecting a bicyclist is their helmet, and while helmets can certainly reduce the risk of suffering a Traumatic Brain Injury, they cannot protect the rest of the body when a collision takes place.

Injury Victims Have Legal Rights and Options

Victims should not suffer in silence. Injured bicyclists have the right to retain legal counsel and seek compensation for their injuries from the party that was liable for the accident.

If another person’s negligence caused your bicycle accident, they can be held legally accountable for damages to your person and property, and could be compelled by the courts to pay a cash award to you for the pain you were forced to endure through no fault of your own.

Horsham Bicycle Accident Attorneys

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You may be eligible to receive damages for your injuries, which are assessed by the courts and given a dollar amount based on specific factors related to your accident, such as pain and suffering, injury severity, and lost wages resulting from being too injured to return to work.

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