Whether you take a commuter train to and from work every day or simply enjoy taking in the scenery on a leisurely ride out of state, using trains can be an economical means of transportation. However, when a train gets involved in an accident, the lives of multitudes of people can be changed in an instant.

Multiple passengers could become severely injured if a train derails, loses brake power, or is otherwise involved in a serious accident. If you were hurt when a train you were riding on derailed or was involved in a collision and want to get informed about your available legal options from a Train Accident Lawyer in Hamilton , contact The Law Offices of Greg Prosmushkin, P.C. for a cost-free consultation today.

Train Accident Facts and Figures

According to data released by the Bureau of Transportation Statistics, there were a total of 1,836 train accidents on United States railways in 2018, resulting in a total of 193 injuries reported.

Eight people were killed as a result of these accidents, which included derailments, collisions, and other accident types. Although these figures are relatively lower as compared with Motor Vehicle Accidents, the potential for mass devastation when trains are involved in accidents still exists.

Train Accidents Can Lead to Massive Destruction

Because trains carry so many passengers, when they are involved in accidents, the potential for destruction can be massive. Train cars full of people derailing and flipping over could result in dozens or even hundreds of people sustaining severe injuries or even fatal injuries.

If the train was in poor repair or the train’s operator was negligent in some way (such as being distracted or under the influence of alcohol or drugs), the accident could have been prevented but for someone else’s negligence, leaving victims in pain and suffering through no fault of their own.

Victims Deserve Justice after Injury

When negligence plays a role in a train accident, victims have the legal option to sue the liable party for damages in an effort to receive cash compensation for their injuries.

For example, if the train was not well-maintained and the brakes failed, the train company could be held responsible for injuries resulting from the train accident and be compelled to pay financial compensation to injury victims.

Hamilton Train Accident Attorneys

Train Accident Lawyer Hamilton If you need a Train Accident lawyer in Hamilton, The Law Offices of Greg Prosmushkin, P.C. can help. Our attorneys are experienced in Train Accident Injury Litigation, and we can advocate for you in civil court.

Our goal is to help victims recover the damages they are entitled to by law. Damages are calculated by the courts based on a variety of factors, including extent of injury, lost wages resulting from lengthy injury recovery time, medical care costs, and more.

These damages are then assigned a monetary value and the courts can compel the liable party to pay out these damages to victims in the form of cash compensation—and our attorneys will fight to get you every dollar you deserve. Contact Us for a Free Consultation Today.