Although slip and fall injuries have been the subject of many slapstick comedies throughout the decades, Sustaining a Personal Injury is nothing to chuckle about. Being hurt in a slip and fall scenario can cause severe injuries that take months to fully recover from, and could even lead to permanent disability and a life of chronic pain ever afterward.

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Slip and Fall Statistics and Data

According to information provided by the National Safety Council, in 2016, more than 9 million people visited the emergency room for treatment of injuries related to falls, such as trip and fall or Slip and Fall Injuries.

Further data made available by the National Floor Safety Institute showed that approximately 20 percent of all fall accidents are slip and fall accidents, and people who are injured in this manner spend, on average, approximately one month unable to return to work due to the need to recover from the injury.

Slip and Fall Injuries Can Be Devastating

Pelvic fractures are not uncommon with slip and fall injuries, and these painful fractures can leave victims immobilized for months while they recover.

Such injuries often call for rehabilitative therapy and physical therapy sessions just so the victim can learn to walk again. Such necessary treatments can become expensive, especially if the injured person is too hurt to work.

Justice for Victims via the Civil Court System

People who are hurt in a Slip and Fall Accident may have legal options when it comes to seeking financial compensation for their injuries. If your slip and fall accident occurred because of another party’s negligence, that party can be held liable in court.

For example, if you were walking at a hotel and the floor had been recently waxed, but no cautionary signs warning patrons of the slip hazard were visible, you may be able to sue the hotel’s insurance in order to recover damages in the form of a cash settlement, and an Experienced Hamilton Slip and Fall Attorney can help you with recovering the maximum award.

Hamilton Slip and Fall Injury Attorneys

If you need a Slip and Fall Lawyer in Hamilton, our attorneys can assist you with filing a claim in civil court. At The Law Offices of Greg Prosmushkin, P.C., we specialize in personal injury litigation. Our experienced and knowledgeable attorneys are committed to helping victims pursue the recovery of damages in court.

Damages are calculated and assigned a monetary value based on factors such as lost wages while too hurt to work, pain and suffering endured as a result of injuries, and cost of injury-related medical care.

These damages can then be paid out to victims in the form of a cash award—and we will work to get you every penny you are entitled to under the law. Call or Click Today for Your Free Consultation.