When a product is defective or damaged, in many cases the issue can be resolved by a refund, return or exchange with the retailer who sold the product or the manufacturer who created the product.

However, not all product-related issues can be solved so easily. In some cases, retailer or manufacturer negligence is at play, and this negligence can lead to injury or even death.

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Defective Products Can be Dangerous

While it is one thing to purchase a dented hubcap and feel disappointed by the inconvenience of exchanging the product for one that is dent-free, it is another thing to purchase a product that causes damage to your person or property.

Some products can be downright dangerous when they are defective: small appliances with faulty wiring can be a fire hazard, and children’s toys that pose a choke hazard or contain products known to be dangerous to human health can harm the most vulnerable members of society.

Who Is Liable for Damages?

Liability—or legal responsibility—can depend on a few different factors. For example, if a retailer sells preassembled furniture and knows that it was assembled incorrectly (i.e., missing parts, rusted parts that could easily break, etc.) but proceeds to sell it anyway, even knowing it could pose a hazard to the consumer, the retailer can be held liable in court for any damages resulting from the product’s purchase and use.

However, if a manufacturer wholesales defective products to a retailer, knowing that the products are defective but not informing the retailer of such, then the manufacturer could be held liable for the resultant damages to persons or property caused by the flawed product.

You Deserve Justice

If you have purchased a defective, damaged, or dangerous product that caused harm to come to yourself or a family member, you can pursue justice through the civil court system. You and your family could be entitled to receive a cash settlement for the damages caused by the product you purchased.

Hamilton Product Liability Attorneys

Product Liability Lawyer Hamilton The products we buy should live up to their advertised promises, and when they fail to do so, the retailer or manufacturer can be held responsible for the damages resulting from these defective or dangerous purchases.

If you need a Product Liability Lawyer in Hamilton, the attorneys at The Law Offices of Greg Prosmushkin, P.C. can assist you with filing a claim. Our attorneys can help you pursue the recovery of damages in your case.

Damages are calculated and given a dollar amount based on a variety of factors, including cost of product, Injuries caused by product, emotional distress and pain and suffering. The retailer or manufacturer may then be compelled to pay out these damages to you, the victim, in the form of a cash award—and our attorneys will fight to get you every dime you deserve.

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