The field of construction is one of the oldest industries in the United States. As long as people have been dwelling in homes and operating brick-and-mortar businesses, construction workers have been building those structures.

Sadly, construction is a very dangerous field of employment, and workers are not usually offered the same safeguards as other workers.

While many people work jobs that classify them as employees and offer workers’ compensation benefits in the event of an On-The-Job Injury, many construction workers are hired as independent contractors, leaving them fewer options if they become hurt while working. However, injured construction workers do have options under the law.

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Data & Statistics on Construction Injury

According to data released by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), more than 5,000 workers suffered fatal on-the-job injuries during 2017. One in five worker fatalities that year were in the field of construction.

OSHA stated that there are four main causes of worker fatality in the construction industry: falls, electrocutions, being struck by an object, or being caught in or between an object or objects.

Fall protection and issues with scaffolding are the main workplace violations faced by workers in the construction field, and for which clients may be held liable in court if workers become injured due to these acts of negligence.

No Workers’ Compensation? You May Still be Able To Recover Damages

Construction Accident Lawyer Hamilton Just because your client does not offer workers’ compensation benefits does not mean you have no options for receiving financial assistance.

If your client’s negligence played a role in your becoming injured, you can file a civil lawsuit in pursuit of the recovery of damages. Many injured workers become hurt because of a hazard that violates OSHA standards being present on the job site.

For example, if the scaffolding was not constructed properly and your client knew about it but ignored it in order to save a few coins, that client can be held liable—or legally responsible—in civil court for the harm that their violations caused. According to civil law, liable parties can be compelled to pay compensation to injury victims.

Hamilton Construction Accident Attorneys

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