E-Visas: Eligibility Criteria and Other Things You Should Know

E1 E2 E3 VISA LAWYERFor individuals who want to enter the United States, there are multiple types of visas for which people can apply. Each type of visa has specific criteria that applicants must satisfy, and you will be granted a visa only if you meet all of the requirements. This guide explains the eligibility criteria for E-visas and how working with an immigration lawyer can simplify the process.

What is an E-visa?

E-visas are designated for people who can meet the criteria set forth for treaty traders and treaty investors, as well as those parties’ employees, spouses, and children. With regard to treaty traders, the requirements refer to treaties of commerce and navigation into which the U.S.government has entered with a number of foreign countries. There are three types of E-visas:

  1. E-1 Visa (treaty traders)
  2. E-2 Visa (treaty investors)
  • E-3 Visa (Australian specialty occupation workers)

Let’s get into details of each type of Visa and its eligibility criteria.

  1. E-1 Visas for Treaty Traders

To qualify for an E-1 visa, you must be a treaty trader, which is an individual who carries trade in goods or services between their country of citizenship and the United States. Trade items may include the following:

  • Goods and services
  • Insurance
  • Transportation
  • International banking
  • Technology
  • Some newsgathering activities
  • Tourism

You can reach out to an E1 visa lawyer to learn more about the circumstances under which this type of visa is appropriate.

Eligibility Criteria for E-1 Visas

To qualify for an E-1 visa, you must be able to fulfill all of the following criteria:

  • You are a citizen of a country with which the United States currently maintains a treaty of commerce or navigation.
  • You carry on substantial trade.
  • You carry on principal trade between the treaty country and the United States.
  1. E-2 Visas for Treaty Investors

Treaty investors are the individuals who direct operations of a business in which they have invested or are actively investing. Their main purpose for visiting the United States should be to develop and direct the investment enterprise. The person must also own at least 50% of the enterprise in question.

Eligibility Criteria for E-2 Visas

You can speak to an experienced E2 visa lawyer for more detailed information and to determine whether you qualify. These are some of the eligibility criteria for E-2 visas:

  • The applicant is a citizen of a country with which the United States maintains a treaty of commerce or navigation.
  • The applicant has invested a substantial amount of capital.
  • The investment should be made in a bona fide enterprise in the United States.
  • The applicant’s purpose for visiting the United States should be exclusively for developing and directing the investment enterprise.
  • The bona fide enterprise is either entrepreneurial or commercial.

Under this type of visa, an E-2 applicant is not required to employ many people in the United States. However, if your visa gets approved, it will be much easier for your employees to secure their visas, as well.

However, the process for an E-2 visa can be confusing. You can consult with an E2 immigration attorney to determine whether you can fulfill all of the required conditions. For example, you will need to prove with proper documentation that you own at least 50 percent of the investment enterprise that you wish to develop and direct within the United States.

  • E-3 Visas for AustralianSpecialty Occupation Workers

E-3 visas are only available for Australian nationals who meet certain criteria, as well as their spouses and children. Applicants for an E-3 visa must have a stated purpose of working in a specialty occupation within the United States. An applicant’s spouse and children do not need to be Australian citizens, and they can hold citizenship in any country in the world.

Eligibility Criteria for E 3 Visas

Here are the conditions that you must fulfill to be eligible for the E-3 visas: 

  • You must be a citizen of Australia.
  • You should have an employment offer in the United States, and that job should qualify as a specialty occupation.
  • You should have the necessary academic and qualifying conditions to perform the job within the specialty occupation.

You can consult an E3 visa lawyer to determine whether you can meet the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services requirements for this type of visa.

Do you need a lawyer to secure an E-visa?

The process of applying for an E-visa can be highly technical and difficult to navigate. For these reasons, it is beneficial to have a lawyer by your side to assist with the process of applying for your visa. An immigration lawyer can help you begin the application procedure and complete an I-129 for mon your behalf. You should provide your lawyer with all the necessary documents and paperwork to ensure your application is complete.

Consult an experienced attorney who has experience with the E-visa process.

To understand the procedure and get the assistance you need, you can reach out to our attorneys. Our team of professionals can help you navigate through the complicated process. To begin, we would review your application to determine whether you may qualify.

After that, we would complete all of the required application forms and documentation. We can help you at every step of the process, and you can rely on us for your E-visa application. Schedule a free consultation with our E3 Visa Lawyers for more information about the visa services we provide.