When people buy products, from small appliances to automobiles, they expect that those products will live up to their expectations, or at the very least will function as advertised.

However, each year many defective and even dangerous products are released by manufacturers, placed on store shelves, and sold to consumers—and each year, many consumers are disappointed with or even injured by these faulty products through no fault of their own.

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Consumers Pay the Price for Faulty Products

Whether the faulty product you purchased simply does not perform as advertised or its flaws result in injuries or other hazards to human health, there is a price that consumers are forced to pay that goes well beyond sticker shock.

This is an injustice, and at The Law Offices of Greg Prosmushkin, P.C., we believe that consumers should be compensated by the liable parties for the defective and Dangerous Products they purchased and the damages those products caused to persons or property.

Defective Products Can Result in Injury or Death

A variety of defects in various products can result in more than just disappointment—they can cause injury or even Death.

For example, if a baby formula that lacks the promised amounts of nutrients on the packaging is released for sale to the public and an infant becomes malnourished because of this, the manufacturer can be held liable for any harm that comes to the baby due to use of this defective formula. Other examples of Product Liability Injuries include:

  • Defective car parts causing accidents or vehicle fires
  • Poorly constructed prebuilt furniture causing injuries
  • Children’s toys with small parts posing a choke hazard being sold without a warning label

Duty of Care with Manufacturers and Retailers

Manufacturers and retailers have a duty of care when it comes to the products they produce and sell. This means that they are required to release only functional, working products to the public for purchase, and that if they knew their products were defective or flawed in some way that could pose a danger to human health, they can be considered negligent and thus liable for any damages resulting from the purchase and normal use of their products.

This means that manufacturers or retailers can be compelled by the courts to pay out cash compensation to consumers who were injured or otherwise harmed by their products.

Drexel Hill Product Liability Attorneys

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