How Traumatic Brain Injury Occurs

Injury to the brain can impact any given bodily function. As the body’s “command center,” everything we do is controlled by our brains, and when this organ becomes injured, the results can range widely.

Permanent disability after a brain injury is far from uncommon, and every brain injury is a serious matter, no matter how “mild” the injury may be classified as—people who sustain concussions often report chronic headaches and memory difficulties for years after the fact.

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Brain Injury Background

Drexel Hill Brain Injury Attorney The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported that approximately 2.8 million emergency rooms visits in 2013 were because of Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), and more than 325,000 children aged 18 and younger visited emergency departments due to recreation- and sports-related TBIs in 2012.

Although sports and recreation are the cause of an alarming number of TBIs in young people, falls are the reason behind a majority of TBIs, with 47 percent of hospitalizations, emergency room visits and fatalities caused by TBI resulting from falls.

TBI-related fatalities in senior citizens aged 65+ were most strongly associated with falls, whereas TBI-related fatalities were most commonly attributed to assault in children between the ages of infancy and 4 years.

Signs of Brain Injury: What To Watch For

Any blow to the head can cause a TBI, but some of the signs of brain injury can be subtle. Here are the signs of brain injury that you need to know:

  • Bruising near the ears or eyes can indicate an internal brain bleed
  • Bleeding out of the cranial orifices (eyes, ears) can also indicate internal bleeding within the head
  • Confusion and disfluency of speech (slurring, etc.)
  • Loss of control over one or more bodily functions

What To Do If You Suspect Brain Injury

If you witness anyone exhibiting any of the above behaviors after sustaining a blow to the head, seek medical help for them immediately. Avoid moving the injured party except to stabilize their head and neck with rolled-up cloth (shirts, towels) in case there is a spinal cord injury.

Administer CPR if necessary (and if you are certified to do so) while waiting for first responders. Once the victim’s medical status is stable, document the injuries and contact a Drexel Hill Personal Injury Attorney to discuss taking legal action.

Legal Help for Brain Injury Victims

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