Getting from Point A to Point B sans vehicle is easier than ever before with ridesharing services like Uber and Lyft. These services work much like a cab—only the transportation is provided by a regular Joe like you and I—and in that regular Joe’s own personal vehicle.

The main advantage of Uber rides is that you pay less than you’d pay for a cab. Uber also has an easy way to schedule a pick-up when needed. Its online app connects riders with drivers with just a touch of your smartphone screen.

Despite this simplicity, however, if things go wrong on an Uber ride, filing an Uber accident claim is nothing short of complex. Our Doylestown Uber Accident Attorney can help guide you through the process of filing a claim if you find yourself injured as a passenger or driver in an Uber car, a driver or occupant in another vehicle on the road, or an innocent pedestrian or bystander.

There are some unique questions that arise when an Uber vehicle is involved in an accident—most of them centered on liability. This is because Uber’s liability policy is only in force at particular times during a driver’s day, which can leave liability up in the air if certain circumstances develop. Uber offers:

  • A standard liability policy of $50K/$100K for periods of time when an Uber driver is logged onto the app but has not yet agreed to pick up a rider; coverage stops once a rider is picked up
  • A blanket liability policy of $1 million when the driver has agreed to pick up a rider; coverage stops the minute the rider exits the Uber vehicle

The $50K/$100K policy affords protection for other drivers or pedestrians on the street while the Uber driver is en route to pick up his passenger. However, if these limits are not enough to cover the damages resulting from an accident, then victims may find themselves having to turn to third parties for compensation or suing the driver personally.

Doylestown Uber Accident Attorney What about the driver’s insurance? Doesn’t it pay something? Not necessarily. Insurance companies are generally strict about paying damages that a policyholder incurs during the commercial operation of a personal vehicle.

And while Uber does require that all vehicles used for ridesharing have a minimum amount of insurance in force at all times, that doesn’t always translate to coverage in force while the driver is making money with his Car.

Because ridesharing is an evolving sector, liability in these types of accidents will no doubt be challenged by both the big ridesharing companies and accident victims for years to come.

Having a competent and seasoned Uber accident attorney by your side bolsters the potential for your case’s success, particular when you choose an attorney with a history of taking on Uber claims.

Damages in Uber Accident Claims

Although the damages you seek will be unique to your particular claim, most Uber claims involve compensation to the victim for medical bills, both present and future; lost wages and your diminished capacity to earn a living; pain and suffering or mental anguish; and property damage.

Time Is of the Essence

Because Pennsylvania limits the time that accident victims have to file personal injury claims, you must move on your claim as soon as possible following your injury. The statute of limitations is just two years, which seems like a long time but in reality goes by quickly.

Our Doylestown Uber Accident Attorney would be happy to review the details of your Uber accident and help devise a path forward for your claim. Reach out for your Free Consultation and case review now.