While their frequency is nowhere near that of motor vehicle accidents, train accidents claim the lives of around 1,000 people each year, and thousands more are left injured, many significantly so.

Annually, there are more than 3,000 railway-related accidents around the country, many of them catastrophic and deadly in nature. The sheer size and massive weight of railroad cars coupled with the astounding force wielding by a moving train all contribute to the horrific aftermath seen in many train accidents.

It is not uncommon for those affected by train accidents to find themselves badly injured, sometimes to the point that they are left with debilitating conditions or disabilities.

Lawyers representing the big railroad companies and their insurers work tirelessly to defend their clients against train accident claims. If you’ve been involved in a train accident, whether as a passenger, railroad employee, bystander or pedestrian, you need a heavy legal hitter on your side too.

Our Doylestown Train Accident Attorney has built a reputation for aggressively litigating our clients claims to get maximum compensation for their Personal Injuries.

Crossing Accidents and Derailments

Accidents at railway crossings make up a huge chunk of the train-related fatalities and injuries seen across the U.S. each year. All too often, the gates that prevent cars from driving across the railroad tracks when a train is inbound malfunction, causing drivers to believe it is safe to cross when it is not.

Likewise, defective signals may indicate that the driver is clear to cross despite a train barreling towards the innocent victims inside his car. Train operator errors, such as failing to use horns and lights at crossings can also play a role.

Train derailments, where the train goes off its tracks, are less common but cause significantly more damage than crossing accidents in most cases. Failure to follow appropriate safety measures and established operational protocol can lead to derailments.

Obstacles on the tracks and faulty tracks or equipment can also cause derailments. In addition, overloaded cars carrying excess cargo can lead to tipping and derailment.

Train Accident Damages

Doylestown Train Accident Attorney With train accidents comes to the inevitable medical bills, which can be quite exorbitant depending on the nature and severity of your injury.

In addition, if your accident caused you to miss work, you no doubt find yourself experiencing some financial distress as a result of your injuries.

These are all awardable damages in a successful train accident claim. In addition, if you have developed a disability, either partial or full, as a result of your accident, you may be entitled to an enhanced award for your future medical costs and diminished capacity to earn a living.

There may be other damages and compensation available to you depending on your situation.

Whether you have been injured while working as a railway or railyard employee, while riding a train, as a driver or passenger in a car, or even as a pedestrian, you need qualified and experienced legal counsel to fight for your rights. Contact our Doylestown Train Accident Attorney now to Schedule Your No-Obligation Case Review today.