Slippery surfaces or debris left lying in normally trafficked areas can lead to dangerous slip and fall accidents, leaving victims significantly injured. From merchandise piled up in the aisles of your favorite store to liquid spilled in walkways at a local restaurant, slip and fall perils abound.

When you are out shopping, dining, or running errands, you have the expectation that the places you go to are safe for foot traffic. No one anticipates falling and becoming injured, and most slip and falls are preventable if property owners and managers practice proper maintenance and safety protocol.

If you have been involved in a slip and fall, our legal team can help. Our Doylestown Slip and Fall Attorney has helped many clients just like you collect compensation for their injuries so that they can move on with their lives.

Doylestown Slip And Fall Attorney (1)A slip and fall accident can occur nearly anywhere—at a rental apartment, in your workplace, at the movie theater, in a hospital, or even at a school.

Falling may not seem so serious when compared to other types of personal injuries, but some falls can be quite horrific and lead to debilitating complications. Spinal Cord Injuries, neck and back trauma, concussion, contusions, bruising, strains, sprains, and torn ligaments and tendons are just a few of the injuries that falls can yield.

Depending on the severity of the fall, the victim may also experience paralysis; this is especially true if the fall was from a great height, such as on a construction site.

Liability in Slip and Fall Cases

Property owners and others who oversee property have an obligation to keep that property reasonably safe for the people who enter the property. When they fail in this endeavor, they open themselves up to legal action in a slip and fall claim.

Both residential homeowners and commercial property owners are subject to personal injury actions when people are injured on their properties. In most of these cases—which usually fall under the umbrella of Premises Liability—the injury itself must be obviously caused by the dangerous condition, and the victim must show that the property owner:

  • Had a responsibility to the person to keep perils at bay. If the person was lawfully present on the property, that responsibility is clear. It is not true of trespassers, who are only afforded a level of care so as to not be intentionally harmed by the property owner.
  • Knew about the dangerous condition or should have reasonably known about it.
  • Failed to remedy the dangerous condition with repairs or other actions and failed to warn people on foot about the potential for danger.

If your case meets these qualifiers, then you may have grounds for a slip and fall claim against the at-fault party.

Don’t delay in Getting Your Slip and Fall Claim on the books. In Pennsylvania, personal injury suits must be filed within two years of the incident. Outside this time frame, the suit may not be entered into the record.

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