Being involved in a car accident can change your life, particularly if the injuries you or your passengers sustain are significant. There’s so much to deal with in the aftermath of a car accident; you’re dealing with trauma from the accident while also trying to get your car fixed, juggling medical appointments, and dealing with your own insurance company.

You may also find your financial house crashing down around you if you are unable to work or if you have been collecting PIP benefits that have now run out. All of this contributes to a stressful situation that leaves you frustrated and feeling helpless.

Our Doylestown Car Crash Lawyer can help you put the pieces back together and hold the responsible party accountable for your damages.

Car Accident Stats

Car Accident Lawyer Doylestown Data from the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation shows that there were nearly 40,000 car accidents in 2016 alone, which is about 355 crashes each and every day. Although many were not serious, all were unexpected and occurred in the blink of an eye, leaving victims injured and reeling from the event.

Of those crashes, nearly 1,200 car crashes ended in fatalities, and hundreds resulted in injuries serious enough to warrant a visit to the ER.

Causes of Car Accidents

One major contributor to Car Accidents in Pennsylvania is the weather, particularly in the winter months. Ice and snow make driving conditions treacherous, and despite driver attention and safety, slippery conditions can lead even the best drivers to peril.

Human error is another major cause of car accidents in our state. Negligent drivers may drive while impaired by alcohol or drugs, or they may text and drive, taking their eyes off the roadway long enough to allow a worst-case scenario to unfold.

Speeding is another driver error that’s all too common, despite efforts by local and state authorities to curtail this hazardous practice.

Improperly maintained roads cause some car accidents seen in Pennsylvania. When debris on the road or broken pavement and potholes cause accidents, those departments responsible for road upkeep may be held accountable.

Keep in mind that not all accidents are caused by bad driving or poor driving conditions. Vehicle defects can also lead to danger on the road. For example, a car may experience brake failure and veer into oncoming traffic instead of stopping.

Manufacturing defects can lead to dangerous mechanical failures that put the driver and passengers as well as anyone else on the road in jeopardy.

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