When you go somewhere, regardless of where it is, you should be safe. This includes businesses, government offices, parks, theaters, and more. Property owners have a duty to make sure that all safety regulations are followed so their patrons are safe.

Unfortunately, there are times when property owners and those who work for them do not perform their duties to a high standard. When that happens people can get seriously injured on their property.

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We want to take a moment to discuss some of the places injuries can occur on other people’s property.

Parking Lots

Parking lots are one of the most neglected parts of a person’s property. That is unfortunate considering they are the first and last place people are when they go somewhere.

  • The surface of a parking lot should not be uneven because it can become a trip and fall hazard.
  • Curbs should not be cracked or broken because they could be dangerous if someone steps on them.

A fall onto a paved parking lot can cause major injuries, especially for the elderly. Over 95 percent of hip fractures are caused by falling.

Inside Stores

Premises Liability Lawyer Chester Think about the stores you frequent grocery stores, shoe stores, retail store, and more. They should all be safe when you go, which mean that employees should be sure to clean all spills, put “wet floor” signs up when cleaning, and remove obstacles that people can slip on like loose carpeting. Slip and Fall Accidents are the most common types of premises liability cases.

All chemicals and cleaning supplies should be used and stored appropriately so that they are away from customers. Maintenance teams should regularly inspect shelves, benches, floors, and store displays to ensure they cannot cause harm.

Restaurant Safety

The most common thing that restaurants need to be aware of is wet floors. Employees need to ensure they are cleaned up quickly. Restaurants also need to be aware of:

  • Broken plates and glasses that could cut patrons.
  • Hot plates that can easily cause burns.
  • Proper food storage and cooking temperatures so they do not cause food poisoning.

Private Residences

Most people are not aware that private residence owners have a duty to ensure the safety of anyone who has a right to be on their property.

If someone is hosting a get-together, they should always be sure that all hazards are fixed or that they warn guests of them ahead of time. They can also be liable for injuries that happen on their property.

Moving On from Here

If you or a loved one are harmed on someone else’s property because of the negligent actions of those who are charged to ensure your safety, please seek legal assistance as soon as possible. At The Law Offices of Greg Prosmushkin, P.C., we want to make sure you are taken care of in the aftermath of an accident.

Our team will investigate your case and work diligently to ensure you get compensated for the following:

  • Your accident-related medical expenses
  • Lost income if your injuries keep you from working
  • Pain and suffering damages
  • Punitive damages

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